1. Love life

    Love life

    Believe in you by Synergy Ink Collection Photo Pixabay (altered by me in Photoshop)
  2. Cherish life

    Cherish life

    artCrush No 24 by NBK-Design Photo Pixabay ( I made a (c)artoon of it)
  3. puzzle me

    puzzle me

    Mini kit Challenge puzzling Mini kit Puzzling for this challenge by Kakleidesigns Photo Pixabay (altered by me in Photoshop) Text from song from Ilse de Lange Font Impact
  4. Living life to the fullest

    Living life to the fullest

    Dark Blends & Textures # 5 I used PP 2 Also used Shadowland brushes and WA All JopkeDesigns Photo Pixabay (altered by me in Photoshop)
  5. Amazing Life.jpg

    Amazing Life.jpg

    Natali Design: Change Lynne Anzelc: Hello Autumn word art photo: mine
  6. Love days like this

    Love days like this

    Mahogany by Foxeysquirrel Best Of Times Manu Designs Studio, elements papers,stamps and overlays Bohemian Harvest Mixed Media Crafty Button Designs No photo used
  7. About to change

    About to change

    April 2019 Mask Challenge Mask Happy Scrap Arts Splatters no 1 Anna Aspnes Puddle Perfect HeatherT Transformation Viva Artistry Photo Pixabay
  8. Be a warrior

    Be a warrior

    <div id="js_ih" class="_5pbx userContent _3576" data-ft="{"] G & T DESIGNS ORNAMENTALS<br /><br />Photo Pixabay </div> Font Ornamental initial Regular <div class="_3x-2" data-ft="{"] </div>
  9. Living in wonder

    Living in wonder

    Art journal Fun papers 2 by Synergy Ink  Also used: Urban Nature by Synergy Ink & The Urban Fairy Photo Pixabay
  10. La vie en rose

    La vie en rose

    La Vie En Rose - All In One <br />Laitha Art Studio<br />Photo Pixabay
  11. Celebrate life

    Celebrate life

    <h4 class="main-title js-main-title hide-on-editmode"]Quote Challenge March 2019 Irish Quotes</h4> NBK Design Sometimes Brushmix Erica Zwart designz Mix of Masks 1 and 3,Best of brushes 2 Oscraps Design
  12. Passion for life

    Passion for life

    Grungemasks 3,Vintage paperbits, Girls Collection 9 (part),Waterdrips,Text styles Everything from 2 Worlds by Jana Oliveira<br /><br /> Photo Pixabay
  13. Just a number

    Just a number

    February 2019 Art Journaling Challenge Vicki Robinson<br /><br /> age is just a number: the collection Vicki Robinson<br /><br />
  14. Follow the path

    Follow the path

    Mini kit - Forward<br />Mixed water and textures Everything from 2 Worlds by Jana Oliveira<br />Photo Mine (grandchild)
  15. Me myself and I

    Me myself and I

    Unbreakable <br />Me<br /><br />Design by Tina<br />No photo used
  16. Your sparkle

    Your sparkle

    G & T DESIGNS EVERY DAY COUNTS<br /><br />G & T DESIGNS EVERY DAY COUNTS - PART 2<br /><br />Photo Pixabay
  17. Enjoy the now

    Enjoy the now

    artCrush No12 by NBK-Design<br /><br />Photo Pixabay
  18. Be strong

    Be strong

    Eat Pray Love by NBK-Design<br /><br />Photo: Pixabay
  19. He said

    He said

    Eat Pray Love by NBK-Design<br /><br /><span class="text_exposed_show"]Photo: Pixabay
  20. Never so lost

    Never so lost

    # Promotion Mini Kit - Thanks Watercolor styles <div class="text_exposed_show"] Artsy Goods 2 autumn All Two Worlds Photo Pixabay </div>