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  1. Happy Birthday, Micheline !

    Happy Birthday, Micheline !

    Sorry, for posting so late ! :-36
  2. Finally it is Spring !

    Finally it is Spring !

    Image: zazzle Ellies: Picsart, cwc, ss21
  3. Happy Mothers Day !

    Happy Mothers Day !

    Images: My Ai Ellies: Cytisia, Gal Scrap, ADB, fotki
  4. Spa Day Traditional Scrap Challenge

    Spa Day Traditional Scrap Challenge

    Spa Day DSI Coastal kit NBK Sea You Later sprinkles Catrine Laura Alpha photo: mine
  5. Country Life

    Country Life

    Thank you, Mary ! ;) Image: hiclipart Ellies: Jessica Dunn, Estela Fonseca, Deviant Papers: FarFarHill, Pixelscrapper
  6. Bird Song

    Bird Song

    Image: freepik, picmix Ellies: picmix, vinebox, kisspng, AGivingHeart,
  7. Swan Lake

    Swan Lake

    Image: freepik Ellies: bhs, deviant art, fotki, hiclipart & other freebies
  8. Let's Believe

    Let's Believe

    Let's Believe Everything will be alright in the end, if it's not, it's not the end, Unknown ET DESIGNS Hidden Places - Kit Lynn Grieveson - No Big Deal - paper
  9. Life is

    Life is

    Image Woman: Nikita Flowers: Estela Overlay: Adita Back: Charline Butterfly/ Ribbon: Freebies
  10. Big Photo Challenge

    Big Photo Challenge

    Image: My Ai Ellies: Freebies
  11. Dream the impossible Dream

    Dream the impossible Dream

    Image: My Ai Frame: Estela Fonseca Papers: Nothing but Freebies Ellies: Freebies from Pixabay etc.
  12. Colourful Magic

    Colourful Magic

    Image: My Ai Ellies/Background: Zenith
  13. Japan


    Image: My Ai Ellies: EstelaFonseca, pngtree, Deviant Art etc. Thank you for looking ! :)
  14. Hello


    Natali All You Need Is Love bow Valorie Wibbens Sweet Tooth Frame Studio Basics and Little Butterfly Wings Magic strip Kate Hadfield Scruffy and Stripey Alpha Sahlin Studios Project Mouse Pins red bow Emeto Dream Big red splats Rachel Jefferies All About Me black paint, Tempus - paper...
  15. Viva Mariachi

    Viva Mariachi

    Free Material from: Amparito Alzate I enlarged the incl. mask and blended a blue image from PicsArt into it to create a river. I put the Main Image+Frame+ Woman on top of it. I completed the page by adding a half Mariachi Band+ Maracas, a stamp + a Dog from Adobe Stock. Thank you for looking ! ;)
  16. Night Flight to Paradise

    Night Flight to Paradise

    This page is dedicated to my dutch collegue G. which is an absolutely stunning person in every way. At age 66 and on retirement she has now become a globetrotter. After just returning from Prague, she will take off for Hawaii in May and after that to Spain for a famous pilgrimage ! (30 km walk...
  17. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter

    Image/Ellies are Freebies from Blogs of: Manola Scraps, Lillebule, Odette, deviant scrap, kisspng, zibiscrap, HeatherT, natali, rfalango
  18. Adventurer


    Ai image (of the woman): mine ellies: PicsArt
  19. Cher


    Cher- Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves Pieces of Rachel Jefferies and Lynn Grieveson's work Hear My Voice Questioning Life Unscripted Pace of Nature Hear My Voice Hurting Give Yourself Permission Journaling Cher - Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves I was born in the wagon of a travin show My mama used to...
  20. Dreams of Africa

    Dreams of Africa

    I blended two of my Ai images, recoloured the head in Picsart and modified the other items. Ellies: Pixabay, ks