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  1. Swiftie


    2023 The Year I became a Swiftie BDS - Broken Hearts ribbon, broken heart NRJ - Shmootzy alpha Karen Hunt Jeweled Alpha Amy Wolff - Black and White paper Gina Miller - Love Shack red paper Studio Basic - Grow Through It - label Jacquie Larsen - Red paper heart KGiarrusso - heart button photo -...
  2. An Evening by the Piano

    An Evening by the Piano

    Created in Picsart and than added Lace (by Nadine Pau) and a Rose.(from Fotki) Thanks for looking ! :)
  3. Nov.23_ATC Challenge

    Nov.23_ATC Challenge

    Thank you, Sherry ! :) Woman: my Ai image Ellies: Hano Design, Artsy Dixie & Marine Universe
  4. Dancing in the Moonlight

    Dancing in the Moonlight

    All items from PicsArt except paper from Kimeric. Thanks for looking ! :)
  5. The Forest is alive

    The Forest is alive

    Extraced my Ai images of the girl and the crow and blended them into my Ai Forest background. The modified Ellies are from PicsArt ! Paper:joyful heartdesigns Thanks for looking ! :)
  6. The Moon has Risen

    The Moon has Risen

    Items from PicsArt Thanks for looking ! :)
  7. Sunset over the Heath

    Sunset over the Heath

    Image of Girl: Ai Generator (Modified in SP Editor) " Heath: Night Cafe Studio Elements: PicsArt Thanks for looking ! :)
  8. The Never Since - Ghost Tour

    The Never Since - Ghost Tour

    All Items are from PicsArt ! Thanks for looking ! :)
  9. A Day in my Life

    A Day in my Life

    Background/Image of Woman: My AI Images Kit: Lilypad_portraits_bloghop Thanks for looking ! :)
  10. The Sound of Mandolines

    The Sound of Mandolines

    Image of "cool hunk" (as Mary would say): My Ai Background: Lynn Anzelc & Irene Alexeeva Ellies: Irene Alexeeva Thanks for looking ! :)
  11. Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-12

    Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-12

    My last take for the Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023 ! Mission accomplished ! :) Thank you, Karen & Grace ! :) Girl & Background :: Kaklei Designs Boy & Dog: My Ai Other Ellies: PicsArt
  12. Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-11

    Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-11

    Thank you, Karen & Grace ! :) Girl: Kaklei Designs Everything else is from Picsart !
  13. Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-10

    Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-10

    Thank you, Karen & Grace ! :) Girl: Kaklei Designs KitchenPaper: FOLV Kitchen Shelf: Muffy's Arthouse Yard image: Muffy's Arthouse Cat: Ai Generator Flowers: Muffy's Arthouse Pumpkins:
  14. Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-9

    Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-9

    Thank you, Karen & Grace ! :) Girl: Kaklei Designs Background: AI Generator Waterfall: Aamo/ Shrooms: sayedhasansaif Swan: kisspng/Fox: Andreas Stumpf Bird: fotki/ Dogs: Architekt_AT
  15. Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-8

    Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-8

    Thank you, Karen & Grace ! :) Girl: Kaklei Designs Ellies & Bg: Picsart
  16. Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-7

    Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-7

    Thank you, Karen & Grace ! :) Woman & Bg: Kaklei Designs Flowers& Leaves: BHS Dogs: stock.adobe & fotki Birds: Shadowhouse Creations Paper: Rushranch Paint Masks: Jana Oliveira & DiHiller Bow: artedigitalcristiano
  17. Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-6

    Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-6

    Thank you, Karen & Grace ! :) Girl & Bg: Kaklei Designs Papers: BekahEDesigns & Danish Designs Ellies: StellarMockups&Graphics, Mini Designs, Agnesagraphic, lailomeiel, tiramisu
  18. Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-5

    Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-5

    Thank you, Karen & Grace ! :) Girl & Paper: Kaklei Designs Kits: Mediterranka, Benthaicreations, kidt, wilma, digitalcouture, Jessica Dunn, JDesigns, Fotki, kreationsbysparky
  19. Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-4

    Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-4

    Thank you, Karen & Grace ! :) Woman & Paper: Kaklei Designs Squirrel: Picmix Deer: Lynne Anzelc/kisspng Leaves: Mediterranka/Booland/Loucee wordart: Mediterranka/Benthaicreations Green branch: Benthaicreations Pine Cone & Acorn: Loucee Creations Flowers: Silke/Benthaicreations Scatter: Jessica Dunn
  20. Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-3.jpg

    Image Roulette Challenge_Sept2023-3.jpg

    Thank you, Karen & Grace ! :) Woman: Kaklei designs Mushroom-Houses & Poppies: Agnesagraphic Big Autumn Tree: Alana Jordan Raccoon: Alavays Sunflower-Butterfly: Blossom.clipart Girl, Sun & Moon, Owl, Hare, small tree and Flower Bouquet: Picsart