minikit challenge

  1. Mini Kit Zepper

    Mini Kit Zepper

    Thank you for the sensationel Free MiniKit, Debbie and for hosting the Challenge! credits: Papers and Elements from the Kit
  2. A short stroll

    A short stroll

    For the January Mini Challenge Kit by Debbie Zepper) A Collection
  3. Jan. minikit My collection.jpg

    Jan. minikit My collection.jpg

    A Collection - Zeppers Thank you for the minikit Zepper
  4. JA RD.jpg

    JA RD.jpg

    Grant came to visit Father’s Day weekend and he helped Grandpa pick the blueberries & strawberries They also found a zucchini that had grown very large. Grant was thrilled with it and came to show it off. Although he enjoyed eating the strawberries and blueberries more. Cherries and Berries...
  5. JA RD January.jpg

    JA RD January.jpg

    Time For A Change Mini Kit Rosie's Designs
  6. Dark-Wings


    Thank you Rosie for this beautiful MiniKit! It was pleasure for me, to restart my activity here with your wonderful Dark-Wings MiniKit - hughs
  7. Autumn-Leaves.jpg


    I used Rosie's Minikit Rust and Raindrops and and frame from Synergy Ink. The picture is from pexels


    Layout for the July mini kit challenge hosted by Karen I used the Be Happy mini kit by KakleiDesigns Photo Pixabay
  9. The magic comes from us

    The magic comes from us

    Rosie's Minikit Challenge Minikit The Alchemist's Apprentice Rosie's Designs Fotoblendz Overlays no 3 Anna Aspnes All is from the minikit
  10. Bohemian birds

    Bohemian birds

    Rosie's Minikit Challenge Minikit Bohemian Birds by Rosie
  11. Be free

    Be free

    Anita's Mini kit Challenge Minikit from Anita You are beautiful Captivated Visions Photo Pixabay ( altered by me in Photoshop)
  12. The Crystalline Realm

    The Crystalline Realm

    For Rosie's Minikit Challenge With Rosie's Minikit The Crystalline Realm Photomasks Anna Aspnes Fotoblendz overlays no 2 Photo Pixabay (little part)
  13. Rosie's Mini Kit Challenge: Magical Place

    Rosie's Mini Kit Challenge: Magical Place

    Using Rosie's free mini Photo: My own
  14. Karen's Mini Kit Challenge: Delicate

    Karen's Mini Kit Challenge: Delicate

    Using Ethereal Mini Kit by KakleiDesigns Photo: My own
  15. puzzle me

    puzzle me

    Mini kit Challenge puzzling Mini kit Puzzling for this challenge by Kakleidesigns Photo Pixabay (altered by me in Photoshop) Text from song from Ilse de Lange Font Impact