monthly challenges

  1. Jan PS Final

    Jan PS Final

    JA members December kit Oscraps 12 Days of Christmas Palvinka - Winter Beauty Edges G&TD - Once Upon a Christmas, A Winter's Tale Image Pixabay
  2. January Pop-Up Word link.jpg

    January Pop-Up Word link.jpg

    Thank you for the challenge Debbie xxx Used my kit Country Charm plus bits and pieces from a kit I am working on called The Mill Pond All images are from the kits
  3. Jan Moodboard

    Jan Moodboard

    Rosie's Design's - Chrystalline Realm Images Pixabay Building by the water, Warmly dressed person, White wordart
  4. January Mood Board Challenge.jpg

    January Mood Board Challenge.jpg

    Thank you for the challenge Karen. I was inspired by girl with winter clothing, bird, winter colours, and word art xxxx The Crystalline Realm by Rosie's Designs Girl is from Pixabay and altered in Topaz Bird is mine from my kit Winter Birds Ripped Paper Template by Manu Design Studio
  5. Pussycat


    Dhariana - Mother's Day Template - Kakleid Image Pikrepo
  6. Pop - Up : Dream

    Pop - Up : Dream

    Russian Dutch Heart - A Story Told, Fairy Princess, Somewhere Magical, Winter Dreamworld, Weaving Dreams.
  7. Jan Scraplift

    Jan Scraplift

    Designsbyhelly - Walk beside me. Images Pikrepo
  8. Jan PYP 2

    Jan PYP 2

    JustArt Celebration kit SBKingdom - Wedding Memories Image Pixabay
  9. Jan PYP 1

    Jan PYP 1

    Image Pixabay
  10. The Bells Challenge.jpg

    The Bells Challenge.jpg

    Thank you so much for the challenge Barb xx There is a story behind this page. When I lived in England I used to be a bell ringer at our local church. Being small and light the only bell I could handle was the treble and then I had to stand on a box to reach the rope. One Christmas Eve, we were...
  11. January mask challenge.jpg

    January mask challenge.jpg

    Thank you for the mask and challenge xxxx Just Be by G&T Designs Mask by Happy Scrap Arts Images from Pixabay
  12. Belle


    Scrap Angie - Eternal Sweetness Christaly - Magic Wordart Images HiClipart and personal photo
  13. Popup challenge Alpha.jpg

    Popup challenge Alpha.jpg

    Thank you for the alpha and challenge Karen xxx Soft Metal by G&T Designs Light effects added in Affinity Designer Image from Pixabay and altered in Topaz Alpha by Kakleidesigns
  14. January 2020 Scraplift Challenge.jpg

    January 2020 Scraplift Challenge.jpg

    Thank you for the challenge Kim xxxx A Touch of Fall by Manu Design Studio Some papers and word art are mine Images from Pixabay and altered in Topaz
  15. January 2020 Template challenge.jpg

    January 2020 Template challenge.jpg

    Thank you for the template and the challenge Karen xxxx Blue Velvet by Manu Design Studio Template by Kakleidesigns Image from Pixabay
  16. Jan Quote Celebrate

    Jan Quote Celebrate

    Rosie's Designs - Gentle Love, Natural Beauty Image Pikrepo
  17. Jan Mask - Vision

    Jan Mask - Vision

    Mask by HSA Rosie's Designs - The Chrystalline Realm Anita - Shabby Chic Cluster by G&TD
  18. January Bingo Challenge.jpg

    January Bingo Challenge.jpg

    Thank you for the challenge Barb xx I chose Row C: large cluster, blue, OOB, mask Image from Pixabay and altered in Topaz Country Charm by Rosie's Designs (coming soon)
  19. Dreams


    Rosie's Designs - The Chrystalline Realm Kakleid - Alpha Image Maxpixel
  20. Sheer Bliss

    Sheer Bliss

    Kakleid - Potpourri kit Image Maxpixel