1. P52 Week 1: A.jpg

    P52 Week 1: A.jpg

    moos design_Time for a New Dream template: ShepherdStudio_Oct 2018 freebie photo: Lars Leber Photography used with permission
  2. P52-Week-52-Christmas.jpg


    Oscraps collab Rustic Christmas fiddle dee dee template_Fantastic Times photos: personal
  3. P52 Week 51: Peace.jpg

    P52 Week 51: Peace.jpg

    moosscraps_Peaceful Winter lynn grieveson_Up Here template photo: personal
  4. P52 Week 49: Festive.jpg

    P52 Week 49: Festive.jpg

    Squiggly Mask from Anita Various pieces from the Studio's collaboration The Rainbow Tree photo:mine
  5. P52 Week 48: Thankful.jpg

    P52 Week 48: Thankful.jpg

    Jumpstart Designs_Crossroads template: Anita Designs_Today photo: mine
  6. P52 Week 44: Scare/Scary

    P52 Week 44: Scare/Scary

    Amber Shaw/Studio Flergs-BIM Monster Mash photo:personal
  7. Zombie Bride (P52 Week 44: Scary, Rosie's October Mini Kit)

    Zombie Bride (P52 Week 44: Scary, Rosie's October Mini Kit)

    My niece is a zombie bride for Halloween. She's always loved scary things! Night of the Raven Mini Kit by Rosie Photo by Kayla
  8. P52 Week 43: Tooth/Teeth

    P52 Week 43: Tooth/Teeth

    BlueHeartScraps_CandyGirl CarinGrobeDesigns_IceCream butterflyDsign_Passionately KimB_Nature'sPlayground photo: mine
  9. P52 Week 41: Brother/Brothers

    P52 Week 41: Brother/Brothers

    Kristmess Designs: Feeling Groovy photo: mine
  10. P52 Week 40: Brown.jpg

    P52 Week 40: Brown.jpg

    Just Jaimee In My Cup and Coffee Life Stamps photo used with permission from Harry and David
  11. P52 Week 40: Brown

    P52 Week 40: Brown

    Pieces from several of Rosie's kits Image from Pixabay with effects added.
  12. P52 Week 38 Smile.jpg

    P52 Week 38 Smile.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Kim Images from Pixabay Rosie's Designs - New Beginnings
  13. P52 Week 37: Down.jpg

    P52 Week 37: Down.jpg

    meagan's creations Renaissance photos: mine
  14. P52 Week 36: Work.jpg

    P52 Week 36: Work.jpg

    Dawn Inskip-Meow frames- Karla Dudley-Shape Shifters
  15. P52 week35:feet.jpg

    P52 week35:feet.jpg

    AASPN_ArtPlayPaletteScenic AASPN_OutdoorsWordARTMix2 photo: mine
  16. P52 Week 34: Sister

    P52 Week 34: Sister

    MagsGraphics_Target Practice photos: personal
  17. P52 Week 32: Purple.jpg

    P52 Week 32: Purple.jpg

    Designs by Brigit_Summer Blossoms Frame: Anita_Block Frames and Mask photo:Pixabay: Ted Treiber
  18. P52 Week 31: Sad.jpg

    P52 Week 31: Sad.jpg

    The Urban Fairy Journal Media 3, Sketch Figures 2, and Touching Artist
  19. P52 Week 30: Light.jpg

    P52 Week 30: Light.jpg

    transfers, textures, paper are all from various Anna Aspnes kits. elements Maya DeGroot Zen and the Art of: AprilShowers photo: mine
  20. P52 Week 29: Hot.jpg

    P52 Week 29: Hot.jpg

    Kim Cameron Campfire Stories Valorie Wibbins By Definition:Summer JenC_Summercamp2018_wk02 template photos mine