1. P52 Week 11: K.jpg

    P52 Week 11: K.jpg

    Studio Mega 201810_Twilight and Sunset jmadd-hsa_mashup template 202002 photos: mine
  2. P52 Week 10: J.jpg

    P52 Week 10: J.jpg

    LaurieAnnHGD_LandOfTheFree photo:mine
  3. P52 Week 9: I.jpg

    P52 Week 9: I.jpg

    ManuScraps_galaxy_cu; HappyScrapArt_202003_MaskChallenge_JA; TheUrbanFairy_LavenderFields_transfers; ManuScraps_LavenderFields_transfers; Simplette_LavenderFields_transfers photo: from a 2013 meme. Author unknown
  4. P52 Week 8: H.jpg

    P52 Week 8: H.jpg

    KimericKreations_Frozen JimboJamboDesigns_Dopamine template photos: personal
  5. P52 Week 7: G.jpg

    P52 Week 7: G.jpg

    bits and pieces from these kits: Americo_TheWalkingCute, ashawflergs_BIM_HighScore_MineCraft, MegsC_BeachBaby, JulieC_WhenIGrowUp_Knight, TickledPink_beepbopboop, TwoMooseDesigns_DinoCute, BGD_IAGT, ConniePrince_kw_Superhero, Chelle'sCreations-CU_leaves2,HeatherT-CU-Grasses3; template...
  6. P52 Week 6: F.jpg

    P52 Week 6: F.jpg

    Lauren Grier_Raising Gentlemen photo:personal
  7. P52 Week 4: D

    P52 Week 4: D

    D is for doubt. Quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Vicki Robinson_Lighter Than Air AA Typewriter & Miraculous & Christmas fonts
  8. P52 Week 3: C.jpg

    P52 Week 3: C.jpg

    kimeric_We’reAllALittleCrazy template: Lynn Grieveson & NiftyPixel MOC20_Scrapstack freebie photos: personal
  9. P52 Week 5: E.jpg

    P52 Week 5: E.jpg

    kimeric_EverydayStories-ABoysAdventure- airplane wm2_States&CountriesStamps_California jhc-pm-herbarium- button AASPN_ButtonThreadz1 AASPN_FadedWords_Travel photo: personal
  10. P52 Week 3 - C.jpg

    P52 Week 3 - C.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Kim Image from Pixabay Anita's Masks and Halftones Jumpstart Designs, A whole new chapter
  11. P52 Week 1: A.jpg

    P52 Week 1: A.jpg

    moos design_Time for a New Dream template: ShepherdStudio_Oct 2018 freebie photo: Lars Leber Photography used with permission
  12. P52-Week-52-Christmas.jpg


    Oscraps collab Rustic Christmas fiddle dee dee template_Fantastic Times photos: personal
  13. P52 Week 51: Peace.jpg

    P52 Week 51: Peace.jpg

    moosscraps_Peaceful Winter lynn grieveson_Up Here template photo: personal
  14. P52 Week 49: Festive.jpg

    P52 Week 49: Festive.jpg

    Squiggly Mask from Anita Various pieces from the Studio's collaboration The Rainbow Tree photo:mine
  15. P52 Week 48: Thankful.jpg

    P52 Week 48: Thankful.jpg

    Jumpstart Designs_Crossroads template: Anita Designs_Today photo: mine
  16. P52 Week 44: Scare/Scary

    P52 Week 44: Scare/Scary

    Amber Shaw/Studio Flergs-BIM Monster Mash photo:personal
  17. Zombie Bride (P52 Week 44: Scary, Rosie's October Mini Kit)

    Zombie Bride (P52 Week 44: Scary, Rosie's October Mini Kit)

    My niece is a zombie bride for Halloween. She's always loved scary things! Night of the Raven Mini Kit by Rosie Photo by Kayla
  18. P52 Week 43: Tooth/Teeth

    P52 Week 43: Tooth/Teeth

    BlueHeartScraps_CandyGirl CarinGrobeDesigns_IceCream butterflyDsign_Passionately KimB_Nature'sPlayground photo: mine
  19. P52 Week 41: Brother/Brothers

    P52 Week 41: Brother/Brothers

    Kristmess Designs: Feeling Groovy photo: mine
  20. P52 Week 40: Brown.jpg

    P52 Week 40: Brown.jpg

    Just Jaimee In My Cup and Coffee Life Stamps photo used with permission from Harry and David