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progressive scrap

  1. infinite beauty.jpg

    infinite beauty.jpg

    My final for the April PS. Thanks for the fun! Credits: DSS Bunny Hop Image: Pixabay
  2. Free Spirit

    Free Spirit

    My final for the March PS. Kit: Slow Down by Blue Heart Scraps Images: family Word Art: Bohemian Dream by Miscellanea
  3. January 2020 Progressive Challenge Part Five.jpg

    January 2020 Progressive Challenge Part Five.jpg

    The Crystalline Realm by Rosie's Designs Images from Pixabay and altered in Topaz
  4. December-Progressive-Final.jpg


    GDS mini - July 2018, Tea Party Laeti Scraps - Purple Dreaming Photos by me
  5. November Progressive Final.jpg

    November Progressive Final.jpg

    Thank you so much for the fabulous Progressive Scrap xxxx Wild Winter by Rosie's Designs Bow from Manu Design Studio Images from Pixabay and altered in Topaz Painting supplies are mine
  6. September Progressive Scrap Final.jpg

    September Progressive Scrap Final.jpg

    Thank you so much for the fantastic progressive scrap xxxx Added golden flowers from my kit Woodland Walk by Rosie's Designs Squirrel from Pixabay
  7. Progressive Challenge

    Progressive Challenge

    Day 5 Image Unsplash My kit Twisted Raffia Anna Aspnes mask
  8. Christmas Plate

    Christmas Plate

    This was a lot of fun .... thankyou for hosting this progessive Anita  Middle image ... vintage Christmas card
  9. Progressive Challenge DAY 5

    Progressive Challenge DAY 5

    Final Day Image pixabay Background paper made in Craft Artist using Textures in the Photolab florals ..leaves...sparkes... pngtree flower is mine
  10. Buddies


    I'm so not with it this week lol .... since I had already added shadows and a title last step instead of the second cluster I moved my title down and added a cluster on top ... I was thinking the 4th step was the last one as well ... I'm such a Susan :) 
  11. PS - June SC final ... Cash

    PS - June SC final ... Cash

    My furry grand baby ... Cash was named for Johnny Cash ... he was all black when a puppy but has greyed as we all do as time goes by :) 
  12. PS-June-day-3


    Once again under the wire lol .... the thumbs of Cash are very small but I didn't have any with a lot of background to cover the whole paw print ... sometimes I hate cell phone close ups :)
  13. May PS final

    May PS final

  14. Day 4_JA-PS_Chickie

    Day 4_JA-PS_Chickie

    Here is my Day 4 of the January PS. Family Photo
  15. Day 3_JA-PS_Chickie

    Day 3_JA-PS_Chickie

    My Day 3 for the January PS. I used an overlayed border with a white watercolor style added to it. Family Photo
  16. Day 2_JA-PS_Chickie

    Day 2_JA-PS_Chickie

    Day 2 for the progressive scrap challenge. Family Photo
  17. Day 1_JA-PS_Chickie

    Day 1_JA-PS_Chickie

    Day 1 of the Progressive Scrap
  18. August PS final

    August PS final

    SDP project puppies .... from their Explore.org website
  19. August PS day 3

    August PS day 3

    My bowl/cup is the bird bath and what is in the bird bath is water which came from the watering can :) 
  20. July PS final .. SDP puppies

    July PS final .. SDP puppies

    Final puppy page .... these guys are soooo cute ... Thank you Kim for a great progressive