progressive scrap

  1. May progressive scrap ... day 1

    May progressive scrap ... day 1

    mask: HG designs ....hg-cu-splatter-photo-mask background: mine from old book cover photo ... British Columbia Islands - private
  2. PS-April-final


    The little girls dancing in the circle reminded of this Sunday school hymn ... flowers/fern/laces/little girls ...vintage books papers ... my overlays fonts ... Angelic War, Colonna, Savoye in that order
  3. PS-April-day-3


    A challenge to myself ... to keep everything except the papers (which I created) included in this page gleaned from old book images ... nothing else ... we'll see if it can be done ... I didn't have any ribbon .. not many around but I did add some lace instead ... lots of that
  4. PS-April-day-2


    Not sure where I'm going yet .... it will be a surprise even to me :) Three vintage images used ... the little girls sitting ghostly like on top of the mushroom, the squirrel frame and the dancing children .... love how the frame goes with the image, like it was made for it </p
  5. Heavenly Lostness .... Feb PS final

    Heavenly Lostness .... Feb PS final

    LOVED LOVED LOVED DOING THIS MONTH'S PS !!! ...  This poem by Robert Frost encompasses what this page is all about ... especially the last line 
  6. My Sweetest Heart

    My Sweetest Heart

    This is my finished page from the Progressive Scrap at DSS, using the February Mega "Saint Amour".