1. Progressive challenge-last step

    Progressive challenge-last step

    Vicki Stegall-Lynne Grieveson -Viva Artistry. The sentence on the top is mine.
  2. PROGRchall-STEP1


    Created with : "Color Crush 74 - Girls" by JHD and a Pixabay's picture
  3. Progress-Chall- Final step

    Progress-Chall- Final step

    Final step realized with Katie Pertiet : "Vintage mini mix" & "Art Options 31" - Photo Pixabay (retouched)
  4. Prog-chall- STEP 2

    Prog-chall- STEP 2

  5. Progressive challenge-Last step.

    Progressive challenge-Last step.

    Using : "52 inspirations 2024" and differents fonts to write my own texts.