rosie's designs

  1. Double Page Challenge.png

    Double Page Challenge.png

    Rosie's Designs: The Chrystalline Realm Photos by Laura Sherwood Font: Blunder Sticky
  2. Luminescence


    Created using Luminescence Collection by Rosie's Designs Template: Art Gets Me Through by Heartstrings Scrap Art and Jen Maddocks
  3. January Quote.jpg

    January Quote.jpg

    Many thanks to everyone who created Celebration Just Art Members Kit I used the mini kits by Kakleidesigns, Rosie's Designs, Happy Scraps Art and Anita in this page. Template Kakliedesigns, Fonts used Rock n Doll Script and Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold Picture
  4. Renewal


    Created using Water Gardens by Rosie's Designs Photo: Pexel
  5. Light And Dark

    Light And Dark

    Created using Nocturnal Beauty by Rosie's Designs Template: Snowflake Melody by Prelestnaya P Design Photo: Pexel
  6. Dec 20 Progressive-Day5.jpg

    Dec 20 Progressive-Day5.jpg

    Kits: Kaklei Designs' Time of Joy, Seize the Day Rosie Designs' Home for the Holidays, Winter Whimsey, Very Steampunk Christmas Kitty Scraps' Un Lapin Dans Mon Jardin & My Christmas From the Kitchen Fonts: Christmas Time, Santa's Sleigh Full Photo of Joe Biden from internet
  7. Rosie's Mini Kit Challenge December.png

    Rosie's Mini Kit Challenge December.png

    Rosie's Designs Homes for the Holidays Mini and the add on Winter Whimsy provided for December 2020 challenge cutout of my cat Chimera
  8. Dec 20 Altered Photo Challenge.jpg

    Dec 20 Altered Photo Challenge.jpg

    Rosie's Steampunk Christmas Font: Asiago Photo by my sister
  9. Time For A Change

    Time For A Change

    Created using Time For A Change by Rosie's Designs
  10. Sophisticated Steampunk

    Sophisticated Steampunk

    Created using Time For A Change by Rosie's Designs Photo: My own
  11. Nature's Beauty

    Nature's Beauty

    Created using The Forgotten Land by Rosie's Designs Photo: My own
  12. Rosie's Mini Kit Challenge - The Ravens

    Rosie's Mini Kit Challenge - The Ravens

    Rosie's October Challenge Mini Kit Photo: My own
  13. RD October.jpg

    RD October.jpg

    Rosie's Designs Dark Wings, Purple Moon and Night of the Raven
  14. RD September Mini.png

    RD September Mini.png

    Rosie's Designs Rust and Raindrops Mini, cutout of my cat Chimera, Autumn Glory Part 1 Wendy P
  15. Autumn-Leaves.jpg


    I used Rosie's Minikit Rust and Raindrops and and frame from Synergy Ink. The picture is from pexels
  16. B57_Rust&RaindropsByRosie600.jpg


    mini Rust & Raindrops by Rosie's Designs 2 photos perso
  17. Sep 2020 Quote Challenge.jpg

    Sep 2020 Quote Challenge.jpg

    Rosie's Kits: Woodland Walk, Lilac & Wine, Medieval Life Photo taken by me
  18. When Darkness Falls

    When Darkness Falls

    Created using Dark Wings by Rosie's Designs Photo credit: pexels-ayshen-ergun
  19. Sweet Autumn

    Sweet Autumn

    Created using Rust And Raindrops by Rosie's Designs
  20. P52 - Week 32 - F - Forget

    P52 - Week 32 - F - Forget

    Created using Rosie's Designs The Explorers: Ocean Adventures Photo credit: LeandroDeCarvalho/pixabay