1. jPA_Dream Big

    jPA_Dream Big

    "Everyday, right before my eyes, I can see you blossoming into a woman. Your whole life is at your feet, you've only to believe and go for it. Dream Big, my girl. Dream Big!" Created using Studio Basic's "Daydreamer" Freebie and kit as well as Studio Basic's and Kristen Cronin-Barrow's Collab...
  2. jPA_18th Birthday

    jPA_18th Birthday

    A shot from my dot's (pandemic) 18th birthday last July. Created using: Anna Aspnes' "APP Sea Life", "APP Wander 1", "APP Wander 2", "ScriptTease Summer Overlays 1", "Stitched by Anna, Fall mix 2", "Simple Foto Blendz 1", "Faded Words, Celebrate 1", "Stained Glows 1", "Framed Masks 2", &...
  3. jPA_CAUTION! Yellow!

    jPA_CAUTION! Yellow!

    I have these wonderful shots of my dot in a field of yellow wildflowers - and decided to do a selective color photo treatment. So I selected out the yellows of my dot & the wildflowers - and then limited my palette to only B&W&Yellow. After I left it for a little while and came back to it, I...
  4. jPA_fly high

    jPA_fly high

    Another altered big pic of my dot. Mary unleashed something in me with these big photo challenges. I shied away from them for so long. Now I love playing with my shots out of my 'real cameras'. Created using Studio Basic & Kristen Cronin Barrow's "Note to Self - Free Your Mind - Collab" and...
  5. jPA - Trust the Journey

    jPA - Trust the Journey

    Some shots of my dot from last March. Created using Studio Basic's "Trust the Journey - Stay Patient", "Trust the Journey - Thrive". The Nifty Pixel & Lynn Grieveson's "ARtful Starters 3".
  6. jPA_Big Pic Challenge '21 March

    jPA_Big Pic Challenge '21 March

    Going for that sublime sunny summer day feeling. An altered photo of my dot from last summer. Created using Studio Basic's "You'll Be In My Heart", "A New Chapter Begins", "Bright Sunshiney Day", "Sunday & Sunshine", "For The Record", "Four Seasons", "Courage Little One". Anna Aspnes' "Lost".
  7. jPA_Epic Friendship

    jPA_Epic Friendship

    Epic Zoey & Liberty have been best friends since they were 4 years old. Here they are, 13 years later and as EPIC a FRIENDSHIP as ever. They are friendship goals. 2 peas in a pod. TROUBLE! Created using: Simple Pleasure Designs' "What Little Girls Are Made Of", "Juxtaposition", "All the Little...
  8. jPA_#QT


    My daughter last May. Created using Digilicious "Stuck On You". Studio Basic's "The Coziest", "Bookaholic". Jocee Designs' "Thank You For the Music". Katie Pertiet's Template #800.
  9. jPA_My Rainbow

    jPA_My Rainbow

    Create your own Sunshine & Carry your own Rainbows That is our philosophy when circumstances aren’t their best. Like when the entire state is in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic that is taking the world by storm. Lockdown meant all the tourists left and we had our scenic part of the world...
  10. jPA_Feb White Space Challenge

    jPA_Feb White Space Challenge

    True North "Now is your time This is the beginning of your journey into the rest of your life Finding your purpose and joys while tripping up over your own feet and life's obstacles along the way are all part of finding your own True North". Created for Poppy's White Space Challenge Created...
  11. jPA_My new siggie

    jPA_My new siggie

    Just my new colorful siggie. ©justPattyAnne aka ©Patty Anne Henderson Created using NBK-Design's "Brave New World" and Just Jaime's "Storyteller's Collection - May 2020".
  12. jPA_Joy to be Found today!

    jPA_Joy to be Found today!

    There is JOY to be found every single day, even when your world feels broken. ©justpattyanne aka ©Patty Anne Henderson Created using Jen Maddocks' "Faithbooking - Joy", "Beautiful Day", "Dance of the Sun", "Bricolage - Mar '18".