scraplift challenge

  1. July 2023 Scraplift Challenge

    July 2023 Scraplift Challenge

    My Favorite Pair Of Jeans Collaboration_Digidesignresort Designers Just Art January 2019 Junk Box_Rosie's Designs I Just Love You Collaboration_Digidesignresort Designers Photo - Personal
  2. Scraplift Challenge.

    Scraplift Challenge.

    Thank you Kim for hosting the Robyn's free mini template kit from Blog. Red Dog Designs...Robyn...Free mini kit. Made the stitches. Photo from Pixabay.
  3. July Scraplift Challenge

    July Scraplift Challenge

    Journaling: Both of your top two front teeth were very loose. Your cousin Alec said you should tie a string around them to pull them out. You decided to do that so Daddy tied dental floss to your tooth and the door knob. You opened the door and then Spartan kicked it closed and your tooth stayed...
  4. June Scraplift Challenge

    June Scraplift Challenge

    Thank you Kim for the June Scraplift [/GALLERY]']Scraplift of Moni's page Credits: Papers & Elements - RDD March Mini Kit Photo and inner-frame - RDD Grandma's Memories
  5. Scraplift Challenge.

    Scraplift Challenge.

    Thank you Kim for hosting the kakleidesigns...Dreams and Bubbles page kit.. A and K Art Winds of Fragrance Bundle. Photo from Pixabay.
  6. June Scraplift Challenge

    June Scraplift Challenge

    Still catching up on family pages, a great-nephew on his second birthday a few years ago. This is a scraplift of Moni's gorgeous page. Little Monkey Shines Designs_Birthday Boy My photos
  7. January Scraplift Challenge

    January Scraplift Challenge

    Thank you, DeLoris, for the challenge. This is my great-niece during her high school's homecoming week last fall. We never called it HOCO when I was in school (but that's been a looooong time ago ;)). I used Norma's beautiful page as inspiration. BooLand Designs_November Rain Nancy...
  8. Oak Island Lighthouse

    Oak Island Lighthouse

    Credits: Scraplifted MY STORY OF SUMMER by @Ange By the Seaside Mini by Rosie Fonts: Sweet Lover and Arial Narrow Photo is mine.
  9. February 2020 Scraplift Challenge

    February 2020 Scraplift Challenge

    Lemon & Chocolate Collab_Xuxper & Desclics Edgy Papers_Studio4Designworks Grandma's Garden_Studio4Designworks My Girl Mini_Butterfly Dsigns March 2016 Blog Challenge_Dawn Inskip Journal Me This Bits_Studio4Designworks Fairy Image - Pixabay
  10. ScrapliftFeb2020.jpg


    Font - Olivia (considering my granddaughters name it seemed fitting) Words of Wisdom Ilonka's Designs Word Art- GTD Shine