1. Snow fun

    Snow fun

    Snowed In Mini by Synergy Ink  Photo Pixabay
  2. Winter Wonderland

    Winter Wonderland

    #promo #jenmaddocks #snowedin Created with Jen Maddocks adorable mini kit, Snowed In. Digital Scrapbooking Studio
  3. Snowy day

    Snowy day

    Winter Magic - Elements Winter Magic - Papers  Winter Magic - Photo Masks Winter Magic - Clusters 1  All Manu Design Studio Photo Pixabay
  4. Total white out

    Total white out

    AnnaColor Challenge ArtPlay Palette Brumal Brumal FotoBlendz No. 1 SnowSpray No. 4 Winter WordART Mix No. 1 All Anna Aspnes Photo Pixabay
  5. Frozen breeze

    Frozen breeze

    January Challenge #4 Copycat Challenge Oscraps<br />Frozen Breeze Collection by et designs Photo Pixabay
  6. Feeling a little frosty

    Feeling a little frosty

    Jolly Happy Soul Mini by Synergy Ink <br /><br />All from the minikit!
  7. You


    # Promotion<br />JANUARY CHALLENGE #7 -Creative Technique Challenge at Oscraps<br />White Cold Day Collection by et designs   Photo mine (my granddaughter)
  8. Hello winter

    Hello winter

    It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Challenge Oscraps<br />For me it is winter,snow,getting the tree up. That whole feel of magic in the air! Amazing Winter { Bundle PU } by Florju Designs Photo: A compilage of multiple Public Domain CCO
  9. All is calm

    All is calm

    # Promotion<br />Believe in miracles by Vanilla M Designs<br /><br />Photo Pixabay
  10. Frosty day

    Frosty day

    # Promotion<br />Freezing Season Collection by et designs<br />Photo Pixabay
  11. Snow Kissed

    Snow Kissed

    Created with the beautiful "Storm Brewing" kit and collection items by Booland Designs, found at Digital Scrapbooking Studio, #thestudio, #DSS Photo: Pixabay
  12. Believe in magic

    Believe in magic

    NBK Design Technique Challenge Feb 5 - 18 2018 Oscraps<br />December Memories in a box NBK Design  
  13. It's Freaking Cold | January 2018

    It's Freaking Cold | January 2018

    The Digiscrap Parade: Anita Designs, Wishing Well Creations, and Rachel Hodge
  14. Snow happy day

    Snow happy day

    White Christmas {Artsy Bits & Pieces No.1} White Christmas {Artsy Bits & Pieces No.2} White Christmas {Gesso pieces} White Christmas {Paperset: Solids} White Christmas {Word Arts &ndash; Brushes & Stamps} All NBK Design Dance of the snowflakes
  15. Snowflakes


    First snow in the place where I live. So on the sleigh we went, dashing through the snow. Dance of the snowflakes (Mini set) by Mediterranka Design<br /><br />Someday at Christmas (Accents) <br />Mediterranka Design Font Pacifico</p
  16. We flock together

    We flock together

    Artplay Palette Flock MultiMedia Birds 2 Gather WordART Mix 2 Flock FotoBlendz No 1 All Anna Aspnes
  17. Snow


    Elijah by ValeNAit
  18. Snow much fun

    Snow much fun

    Winter Blues {Paperset: Woods} Winter Blues {Artsy Bits & Pieces No1} [url=""]http://www.
  19. Embrace the magic

    Embrace the magic

      AnnaColor Challenge 12.29.2016-01.12.2017 ArtPlay Palette Christmas Magic &
  20. Big wishes

    Big wishes

    Wish Artsy Digital Designs Sale ArtPlay Palette Wish Wish WordART No. 1 Doily Edge Overlays No. 4