1. jPA_Quilted Spring

    jPA_Quilted Spring

    I took some typical quilting patterns and created this whimsical Spring scene - because I'm just so ready for new life & color! 2020 felt like one long grey winter - no matter what the temperatures. Created using: Erica Zane's "Piece by Piece, vol 26 Templates". Studio Basic's "Four Seasons"...
  2. jPA_March Color Challenge

    jPA_March Color Challenge

    My Spring Mood Board I'm so over this interminable Covid Winter that feels like it engulfed all of 2020 and 2021 so far. So I created this Spring Mood Board for my 'Color Green Challenge' - with it's joyous yellow-greens of the new life of early Spring. Thankfully, the early daffodil bulbs are...
  3. jPA_Keep Calm & Sparkle!

    jPA_Keep Calm & Sparkle!

    Keep Calm & Sparkle Yes, with the pandemic & social isolating, the world is a weird place. But we still have our lives to live and try to thrive where & when we can. So for St. Patty's Day, my girl put on some festive make-up (even tho' I would be the only one to see it) and we ventured out in...
  4. jPA_Fish Lips

    jPA_Fish Lips

    "St Patty’s Day in the time of Covid-19. We may be practicing social isolation, but Zoey still showed up for the day with some festive make-up ... even if I would be the only one to see it. We have been getting outside daily during the quarantine in an attempt to stay a little more sane...
  5. jPA_Bricolage_Make-n-Do


    For a quote challenge... "Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can." I am anxiously awaiting the Spring nest building - as birds are the epitome of making do with what they find lying about to feather their nests. ©justPattyAnne aka ©Patty Anne Henderson Created using Jen...
  6. jPA_nbk_Sometimes BlueBirds

    jPA_nbk_Sometimes BlueBirds

    This is a celebration of the bluebirds that come back to our yard every year, rebuilding their nest, their family & entertaining us with all the flurry of activity surrounding them. It's one of my favorite early signs of spring when they move back in. ©Patty Anne Henderson aka ©justPattyAnne...