1. jPA_Keep Calm & Sparkle!

    jPA_Keep Calm & Sparkle!

    Keep Calm & Sparkle Yes, with the pandemic & social isolating, the world is a weird place. But we still have our lives to live and try to thrive where & when we can. So for St. Patty's Day, my girl put on some festive make-up (even tho' I would be the only one to see it) and we ventured out in...
  2. jPA_Fish Lips

    jPA_Fish Lips

    "St Patty’s Day in the time of Covid-19. We may be practicing social isolation, but Zoey still showed up for the day with some festive make-up ... even if I would be the only one to see it. We have been getting outside daily during the quarantine in an attempt to stay a little more sane...