1. beautiful day

    beautiful day

    created with Pastel Poetry by Kakleidesigns @ E-scape and Scrap
  2. a dream within a dream

    a dream within a dream

    created with You Rock by Synergy Ink @ Digital Scrapbooking Studio
  3. Kakleidesigns

    NEW!!! Remembrance Collection by Kakleidesigns

    NEW! Remembrance Collection by Kakleidesigns Save: 30% off Freebie for you all: DOWNLOAD HERE
  4. February Quote_Ella.jpg

    February Quote_Ella.jpg

    My page for the February Quote Challenge. I have wanting to do some vintage stuff for a while, so when I started on this page I thought it would be something that I would like to use for the quote challenge. It is a quote that made me feel that we are all more than just what we see. The image is...
  5. Remember who you are

    Remember who you are

    New collection Michelle by TirAmisu design Photo Pixabay (altered by me in Photoshop)
  6. choose kindness

    choose kindness

    Choose Kindness created with images from Rebecca McMeen @ The Lilypad
  7. kakleid-beyondtime-beauty


    Beyond time new collection by Kakleidesigns Image by Pexels
  8. Watch


    G & T DESIGNS MIXED VINTAGE BRUSH BUNDLE (3TO6) CU G & T DESIGNS MAN OH MAN Photo Pixabay (altered in Photoshop)
  9. Don't forget your mask honey

    Don't forget your mask honey

    art & Nature by NBK-Design Photo Pixabay
  10. Nature,art and poetry

    Nature,art and poetry

    G & T DESIGNS TAPESTRY TALES PART 11 All is from the kit!
  11. March2020ProgScrap-Step5-Final


    butterfly silhouette stamp by Sophia J. Caldwell, with glitter effect by Nicky Latz, applied. Font is: Ebrima Haiku is an exerpt from the book The Unknown Pleasures: Sensual Haiku by Elizabeth Itõ "A coyness in place, chin lowered, a raise of eyes. A gaze remembered." All else from kit...
  12. the good stuff

    the good stuff

    created with Retrieve by Kakleidesigns. @ Escape and Scrap
  13. sophisticated


    created with Sophisticated by Kakleidesigns @ Escape & Scrap
  14. focus on the good

    focus on the good

    created with Retrieve by Kakleidesigns - E-Scape and Scrap
  15. Mysterious adventure

    Mysterious adventure

    G & T DESIGNS TAPESTRY TALES PART 9 All is from the kit!
  16. The magic in you

    The magic in you

    Mask Challenge Anita Used 2 masks from Anita The Magic in you Emeto Design Photo public Domain CCO (altered by me in Photoshop)
  17. Beautiful Things

    Beautiful Things

    Designed from free elements offered by itKuPiLLi some time back. I just rediscovered them. :)
  18. Timeless treasure

    Timeless treasure

    G & T DESIGNS TAPESTRY TALES PART 8 All is from the kit!
  19. Project 52 -Word of the week: BACK - Back To Yesterday

    Project 52 -Word of the week: BACK - Back To Yesterday

    Using Vintage Love by Golden Sun Photo: My own
  20. Those who listen

    Those who listen

    G&T Designs Tapestry Tales no 7 All is from the kit