12. Photography Challenge


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Hi all, show me your best plant related photo in April see the challenge HERE it is in the photography section ..
Thought we would try to do it instead of just talking about it.
have fun.

EDIT: I will be checking both posts!
EDIT 2 ; Please make sure you are using a small file size (250 kb) because it is a photo the gallery seems to accept very large sizes. Check before you post please !
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Vivi, do you think this challenge might be missed in the photography section..............I can move it if you want. What do you think?


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I took some while hiking yesterday, will post soon!

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Thank you Vivi. Robyn, consider changing the thread header to PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGES. Then we can keep this area separate from the regular challenges.


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Robyn I don't know, I didn't want to put it in the regular challenge thread, because it is " just a Photo " not a scrap page. But you can move it if you want to, it is true it will be seen easier.


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I did nearly miss it so I think it needs to be highlighted somewhere....what if you just open the thread in the Challenges forum but link it to the photography section then everybody will notice it?


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I just shared this in the other section but I will share it here again :
Thankyou Vivi for this challenge. I just went outside as the rain has stopped for now and took a photo of flowers on the hedge we are growing in the back yard. We have been having a lot of rain the last couple of days which is great... "April Showers bring May Flowers ! " The rain has been good as we have had a long hot dry summer.


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Really not sure if I should post here or in the other thread so you are getting it twice.

"Glad you got this started.. I absolutely love taking photos of flowers, I have so many flower photos and it was a very hard choice ... I had to use one I had taken previously as there are none around where I am right now. This is the Gordonia in my front yard at home, I took it a couple of years ago. I would have loved to take one today (a flower of any type) for the challenge, but it was simply not possible. I hope this is ok. If not, I can delete."



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So far we have had a cold spring here and not much is growing yet so I looked around the house and found this. These are artificial African violets, 25 years old, so they are a bit dusty. I did some experimenting with light too.