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14. April Progressive Scrap


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I will be your host for the April Progressive Scrap which begins on Sunday, April 14. I will post instructions on the following dates:
Sunday, April 14
Tuesday, April 16
Thursday, April 18
Saturday, April 20
Monday, April 22

You MAY add shadows at any time.
You may NOT change anything on your page unless directed to do so in the instructions for the day.

You will need 3 photos.

Claim your spot in this thread and upload each new step to the same thread. Using Gallery Embed (the little camera icon) makes this easy!

I'm looking forward to seeing your creations and hope you enjoy this challenge!

Step 1:
Place a background paper on your page. It can be textured, but should be only one color.

Add 10 shapes ABOUT 1.5 inches each to your page—all the same shape. These can be in any design. Clip a patterned paper to them—it should be a contrasting color to the background with some other colors on it.

Save your page with the title April Progressive_Step 1 and upload to the Temporary Progressive Scrap Gallery.

That’s it for today! I will be away from my computer on Monday (US time zone) so if that’s the day you post I look forward to seeing your first step when I return.

Here's my Step 1, I used hexagons.
View media item 56052

Step 2:
Add a border to your page. Change the blend mode of this border.

Add 3 photos to the center of your page in 3 different sizes. The largest should be about 4 inches tall. These should be placed in a vertical or horizontal line. Add a frame or stroke to the each photo.

Save your page with the title April Progressive_Step 2 and upload to the Temporary Progressive Scrap Gallery.

Here is mine:
View media item 56146

Step 3:
Add 3 flowers of 3 different sizes to the page. These should NOT be touching.

Add some paint splatters somewhere on the page.

Add a ribbon, string, rope, etc. behind your photos with some of it showing above, below or beside them.

Save your page with the title April Progressive_Step 3 and upload to the Temporary Progressive Scrap Gallery.

I'll catch up on your pages later today!
View media item 56258
Step 4: Sorry about the confusion with this step! I left out the word not in the original post and then corrected it. Whatever elements you added (flowers or not) are fine!
Add 2 more elements (any kind or size) to the page. These should NOT be flowers and should not touch the flowers added in Step 3.

Add 2 word strips to your page.

Add some journaling on a tag or mat.

Save your page with the title April Progressive_Step 4 and upload to the Temporary Progressive Scrap Gallery.

View media item 56351
Final step:
Add 3 arrows somewhere on your page.

Add a title and any shadows you haven’t already added.

You may move or remove ONE thing on your page IF you wish.

Save your page with the title April Progressive_Final and upload to the Progressive Scrap Gallery.
NOTE: Be sure you don't add your page to the Temporary Progressive Scrap Gallery as that entire gallery will be deleted by Robyn sometime!

Thank you for participating, I hope you’ve enjoyed this challenge and like your final page!

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I wanted to remind everyone to get ready for tomorrow and couldn't figure out why this wasn't showing as a new post. I finally realized it was because I edited the original post from Thursday.

So here is your reminder! ;)o_O:-c:-e


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I'm here and ready and claiming my spot!

Using Paula Kesselring PAINT and Jen Maddocks CREATIVITY CANVAS


Day 3

Day 4

Day 5
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Ready and waiting Kim.xxx

Day 1
View media item 56074

Day 2
View media item 56152

Day 3
View media item 56273

Day 4
View media item 56356

Day 5
My Final day Kim I took the extra flowers off from part four I followed the instructions and didn't realise that you had altered it.Thank you for a wonderful Progressive Challenge I have really enjoyed it.xxx
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Here is my spot:

Day 1:

Credits in Gallery: https://forum.justartscrapbooking.com/gallery/progressivescrapdayone.56056/

Day 2:

Credits in Gallery:

Here is layout #3 & #4. Depression had me down for a few days, but I am happy to be back up and feeling better. Credits in gallery!

And my final page (Credits in Gallery). Step 5! Thank you for the SUPER fun progressive scrap. I have never run into a challenge like this on any other forum/scrapbook page, and I have to say I love it!!!
I hope Chevron Arrows count as arrows?
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