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2 halves October challenge


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This is a very fun challenge and is very easy to make...
You need to create 2 layouts with 2 different kits, (I choose Yellow Sky-Blue Earth and My Identity kits...which are very different kind of kits)
and then you must put them in the same layout, using one half of the canvas with one layout and the other half with the other one made with the other kit,
You can choose to make a clean page in one and a busy one in the other half, do whatever makes you happy, just have fun and don't try to make it perfect,
the more craziest the result, the better. (Please don't blend them together, it is important to notice that the page has two different pages on it)
I choose to turn my half with the dark colors and color it to match the tones, but you do what makes you happy...
Most important, Have fun!

Another sample
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