2024 Discussion on laptop recommendations


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Now, I'm not a gamer so I am unwilling to pay $3k. But I think a graphics card is a need. Also CPU and RAM - the more the better.

Having said that - if you have recommendations I would love to hear them. My CPU runs 100% most of the time. It's a good one but it is at least 5 years old. Please help!
I use a desktop computer and have never used a laptop but I think the recommendations would almost be the same. I would get the best graphic board, CPU, at least 16GB RAM that you can afford.

If you use Photoshop, MattK has Photography Computer and Monitor Recommendations

Hope you get responses from members who use a laptop.
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I have a laptop but I only ever use it when I go to the shack so I can take it with me and I hook up to an extra monitor that I keep there. It's only a couple of years old and I can't remember what I paid for it.

It's a Lenovo Yoga, 11th Gen Intel(R) Core (TM) i7 - 1165G7 @ 2.80 GHz. I have 16GB RAM. It has a touch screen which I never use.

Because this is just a secondary computer for me I chose not to have an expensive graphics card like I have in my main PC. It came with a standard integrated Intel Iris graphics card. When I am created Photoshop files etc. I don't notice any difference between this card and the more expensive dedicated card that I have in my PC.

My laptop has Windows 11 which I don't like one bit! My PC is eligible for an upgrade from Windows 10 to 11, but I'm sticking to 10 for now.

The laptop hasn't done a lot of work, but I've had no problems with it.