5. May Pick Your Palette


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May Pick Your Palette by Kythe

Pick your palette is a 2-part colour challenge using colours chosen by you!

You may use any product or combination of products you want but you must credit the designers and the photo even if it is a personal one.

Part 1

Open a small blank workspace. Choose your photo. (One works best.) Add your photo.

To make your palette

Place a thumbnail of the photo on your workspace.

Choose a shape using your shape picker and repeat for each colour you want to use. (Any simple shape works as it is only a reference.)

Place the shapes beside or under the photo.

From the photo, choose at least 3 colours but no more than 5.

Use your colour picker and fill each shape with one of the colours you have snagged from the photo.

Save this page as a reference. In part 2 you will be deleting the thumbnail photo and using just the palette.

Post your colour palette/photo page in the Monthly Challenge Gallery AND sub gallery Pick Your palette. Label your page May PYP1.

Come back to this thread and post your palette /photo page.

Part 2

Open your pallet/photo page and crop out the photo. All you need is your palette to use as a reference. Keep it small.

Open a clean workspace. Add the photo in whatever size works.

Insert your palette. Tuck it in a corner to use as a reference
(You will delete this from the final page).

Create any type of layout with a focus on the colours you chose.

Delete the palette from your working page. Save the layout.

Place your finished layout in the Members Gallery then under Monthly challenges check the Pick Your Palette challenge gallery and label May PYP2

Come back to your original spot and add the finished layout underneath your palette.

Here is my photo and palette. Photo from pixabay and altered. I will post my finished page in a few days.

and here is my completed page created with products from our very own Anita, Twisted Raffia and Sombre Rose
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Thank you Karen for once again hosting this popular challenge.



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Orkan..Love the palette and the photo. It will make a sweet page. Please put this and the finished page in the Pick Your Palette gallery. I cannot find where you uploaded it. Go first to Members gallery, upload, then go to the monthly challenge and scroll down to the Pick Your Palette Challenge and up load there too. Thanks


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Just a quick reminder. Please make sure you have added your pages to the Monthly challenges AND subgallery Pick your Palette gallery. I sure would hate to miss an entry!