CHALLENGES 52 Week 10 - Stranger


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I have to admit I struggled with what to do with this weeks word and this little story popped into my facebook feed from another group. How easy was that lol

Once you have created your page, post in the Project P52 part of the gallery and use the title P52 Week 10: (Stranger) in your title. Then come back to the P52 thread and insert the link to your page.

I will make my comments in the gallery only. Happy scrapping and good luck with this weeks word, it's a toughy, I look forward to seeing your take on it!!!


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I have to admit I found this one very difficult so I am guilty of tweaking it a wee bit.. Poetic licence? yep. Anyway this is what I ended up with.



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love it Lindsay - the mares on Assateague get stolen by stallions BUT some are also fickle, independent lasses and sample the wares down there - the sire is guessed at depending on who was keeping company with who LOL or if the markings/color are a sure guess - they have the mares and their offsprings charted for a good ways back

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