8. May 2019 mask challenge


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So I'm making an additional rule for this mask. I give you a basic mask and you will add a title/word to the mask. You will choose where (look at my exemples).
So to do this you open your mask in your software, then you add your title in black and you save the mask.
In paint shop you can save it as .jpg as masks should be in .jpg to be used.
Reopen it (or merge all layers so that you have a white background) and you can use it on your photo.
In photoshop you can just merge your layers and clip it to your photo after that.

In other software I do not really know. But if you can save it merged as a png you can use it as all other masks I give you.

If your software doesn't allow you to add a title you can add it later on your page.

some exemples of pages I made:

You will find the download link on the registered member freebies page here


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Great mask and challenge, Eileen. Love the addition of the word!


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Eileen, thank you for the wonderful mask and the fun challenge.


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Thank you Eileen for teaching us how to do this ... have always wondered how it was done ... as always, it's a great mask and I'm sure I'll find one of your kits to use for this challenge