9. Photography challenge May


love a challenging challenge
Challenge Host - June
post photo HERE that is the photo challenge gallery ,and add to the monthly challenge category by using the option Additional ( down arrow ) underneath the description text box when you post in the gallery.
Please make sure your photo is resized to max 250 kb before posting.

your challenge for this month will be ;
Unusually framed objects or views . Any photo can become a bit more interesting if it is taken showing some of the immediate foreground .so a doorway, a gate,a window, a basket handle ,table leg, what ever works for the photo.
Have fun with it , and over the course of the month please post 4 photos, loosely once a week... It would be nice if they are new photos, I don't care if they are taken with a fancy camera or a phone , but I realize that for some of you that is not an option, and that is ok if you have a photo in your stash you think fit the challenge, let us see it.
Thank you and have fun.


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I would love to walk through that door, Vivi ... going to try to participate this month


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I enjoy being challenged to taking a photo differently.... hopefully I will have something interesting to share each week.


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This is a favorite place of ours where we hike to in the summer and snowshoe in the winter. And old abandoned mine (there are tons in Colorado) at 10,000 ft+


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Challenge Host - June
Hope this is ok..I am not the best at taking photos...but I liked the flowers in front when I took this....
Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

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I took this photo on Holiday in Majorca.

Week Two Another one from the Holidays.
Week 3
Week 4.
Final page.
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