Active members - definition


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In the context of membership being deactivated due to lack of participation, I have been asked to define what is considered an active member.

You can check HERE a post defining inactive members and why membership is deactivated.

The following is what I consider to be an active member, but keep in mind that this is a general summary only. I know that hard and fast rules are not a realistic expectation and sickness, real life etc. etc. will affect a member's ability to participate here. If real life calls you away for a prolonged time it would be appreciated if you could let me know via PM, so your membership doesn't get deactivated.


Ideally I would expect that a member would take part in one or two challenges per month (more would be lovely of course). I would expect that when that member receives comments on any of her gallery images that she would reciprocate with like comments, and hopefully comment on some other images in the gallery as well. It would also be appreciated if a member took the time to 'say something' in the forum as that way we get to know one another a little better. After all, this site is a social site with the emphasis on creating and sharing and being supportive of one another!

Thank you for your understanding.