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I've set up a new section in the forum. It's for active members only.

Many of you (myself included) get a bit annoyed about people who register just to grab some freebies. If you would like to share information or freebies etc. on a more restricted basis, you can now do so in this new part of the forum. You can of course choose to still use the registered members thread, and that is entirely up to you.

You need to be a member with 80+ posts (excluding gallery comments) to be able to access this section of the forum.

You will not have automatic access.

If you have 80+ posts and would like access to this section of the forum, please let me know via a private message (conversation).
We have one request to for this so far. If you have over 80 posts (excluding gallery comments) and would like access to this part of the forum, please send me a PM.
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I must be blind Robyn ... I went to the forum and couldn't find it ? .... what is the section named? ... I'm sure I've been staring right at it but brain is not in gear ??? lol
It is named Active Members Only Forum, in a new section titled Active Members Only at the very bottom, under Freebies for registered members. I don't think you will see it unless you've been give approval in vBulletin.

I see where to do that in the admin part of the site, but want to make sure I know how to do it! I've messed things up more than once and don't want to cause Robyn more work fixing my mistakes! ;)
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The only thing there is the Freebies section so I'm thinking Kim is right .. can't see it until you have been given the permissions .... so please sign me up Robyn :) ... when you wake up lol
could you get me permission please Robyn / Kim ? I am seeing the freebie to active members only too :-i
Permission granted Rosie. If you like I can move your freebie threads over to this Active Member section. It's entirely up to you, but let me know if you want that doing.
It's a good idea
I also hate on my blog, people who download my free drawings, without ever thanking.
Is there a way to make a gallerie only for people who promote. Or simply a new category.
we see very nice pages created by the CTs, but it is not necessarily the people who need encouragements.
I'm sorry I'm not active, I periodically have some small health problems that steal my time.
hugs, chris