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Age old printer question


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I am, like many, a digicrafter. I have an inkjet printer which is adequate for the most part, but after watching c&c today with hunkydory USB's and seeing how glossy their prints look, I was reminded that they printed using a laser printer. Could anyone please clarify if a laser printer is a better buy than an inkjet? I would like my sheets to look like there's, and currently they just fall short. Thanks.

Sue C

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If your just having a few prints made it may be cheaper to have them printed at a shop ... Staples here in Ontario does a great job .... laser printers are great and the ink lasts a long time but are very expensive if you want a colour one ... if you are printing a lot of photos then it would be a good buy .... also some ink jet inks smear ... depends on the ink so if you are working in mixed media etc then laser can be a better choice .... also .. what type of paper are you printing on ? .... there is matte and glossy ... if you are printing on matte then your images will not be glossy no matter what printer you use ... hope this helps :)


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As Sue says, images printed on matte paper won’t be glossy. If you have good quality glossy paper or card stock, I doubt that it matters whether you use a laser printer or an inkjet.

Laser printers work by fusing tiny plastic pellets onto the surface of the paper, so the colours can’t really mix the way inks do. On the other hand, inkjet inks are often not as colourfast or water resistant.


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I currently use supersmoothwhite matte cardstock. So I guess that's the problem. Can anyone recommend a cardstock which will be semi glossy as I don't like too shiny a finish. I am cardmaking, hybrid so I print and make my bits. Thanks.


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I use Epson semi-gloss. I used it with my 8 color Epson ink jet large format printer. I like to match paper and printer. I believe the reason the prints were so beautiful was because the printer had 8 cartridges including 2 black (matte and regular) and a gloss optimizer. I love semi-gloss for layouts, but I love matte for greeting cards and Christmas newsletters. Actually, any time I want to include a photo in a letter. Matte is such a great product.

Unfortunately, the printer became so clogged I couldn't clean it, so I tossed it. Note: do not let ink jets sit for 5 years without using them. Heck, do not let ink jets sit for two weeks without using them. They easily dry up and clog. I'm not as sad about the cost of replacing the printer now that I want to print at home again as I am about finding another great printer

Epson has a new printer with multiple cartridges that I may buy. It has refillable ink wells. I believe it's still only an ink jet, but the new style of ink holders is supposed to save money SAMs club has it. I'm willing to try it because SAMs allows returns if you are not satisfied
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Thanks Janice, I have been on the website for the recommended cardstock to use for my USB set. And have ordered some, I'm hoping this will solve the issue. I too have used my inkjet for photos and it's come out lovely (now I know which setting to put it on🤣). I really don't want to change printer as this is fairly new so fingers crossed the cardstock helps. Thanks for your advice 😊😊😊

Diane's Art

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I use a Canon inkjet printer and also their brand of printer paper. Depending on my project I choose matte, semi-glossy, or glossy finish.


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Thanks guys for ur helpful advice. I didn't actually know that there was such a thing as semigloss! Let's hope my images come out ok with my new paper/cardstock from hunkydory. Thanks again.