Altered Photo Challenge - March 2019


A Splash of Color

Here goes with my very first challenge on this site ever, I really hope I do ok, lol! For this challenge, I would like to see an altered photo on your page. An altered photo consists of a photo with either effects added to it, extracted, oil painting, ink sketch, embossing/relief, cartoon effects, out of bounds, etc. Let your imagination run wild! Your page can be any theme or color scheme just as long as it has at least one altered photo on it. Hope you all play and have fun with this challenge! Please let me know if this challenge is something you would like to do on a monthly basis or not. Thank you! :)


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You will do brilliantly Sherry and thank you very much for hosting this challenge.



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I am looking forward to this challenge Sherry what a brilliant idea and to have it every month would be fantastic..Thank you for Hosting this

Here is mine Sherry love this challenge Thank
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This came out wonderful......kind of 'dark' which I adore! Great texturing, too! xoxo


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Excellent! The layers and the altering of textures with filters is wonderful! xoxo


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Great that you shared the original, too! Your Eagle looks wonderful either way! xo