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I've been neglecting my duties BIG TIME lately!!
And I'm very very sorry!

Most of you know I've been quite busy with designing lately, but that's no excuse!
Will try to keep up from now on!

Just saying, though: I've been very much enjoying commenting on all the gorgeous, awesome layouts in the Urban Challenge thread this morning!
Thank you!!


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Challenge Host - May
No apologies needed, Sonja and thank you for the Urban freebie xx


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You are a busy little bee dont worry Sonja we know you will be here as soon as you can...Thank you for the freebie.xxx


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All of the above Sonja. Apologies are not necessary. We love having you here.


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Sonja, there is no need to apologize. I am behind on the challenges this month and I understand being busy.


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Apologies are so not needed. You do a fantastic job on here and with your designing. xxxxxxx


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Thank you so much, all of you!!! That makes me feel a lot better! Now of to the gallery for some commenting.....