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April 2017 Just Art Challenge


Man, I thought I'd NEVER get this done ... but I finally prevailed. For those who don't already know, we're
in the process of selling my current house and having a new one built. To add to that, we are also helping
daughter #2 find and purchase a house. Things are pure chaos around here ... but enough of that ... on to
the challenge.

With Easter coming up, I thought we'd do an Easter theme that wasn't an Easter theme since not everyone
celebrates Easter. Makes perfect sense, right? What came to mind was renewal and rebirth ... much like
what Spring is. I figured that I pull together a mini along that line and called it Renewal. You are welcome
to use it ... add to it ... or even ignore it and use your own stash. Here's a look at the mini ... download links
are in the registered users area.​

Here's the page that I did with the mini. To me, the birth of a child gives me renewed hope for mankind.
Photo is from Pixabay.com

When you're done, please be sure to post your works of art in the CHALLENGE GALLERY and post them
in this thread with a link back to your page in the gallery so we can leave you a little love. I really love
seeing what everyone does and will try my best to let you know that.

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Jill, you've been super BUSY! Thank you for the beautiful Renewal kit. Love your adorable and precious Renewal page.


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Challenge Host - September
Thank you Jill, your kit is simply DELIGHTFUL!!



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I think you ought to take on a few more projects, Jill ~ LOL! Can't wait to use these beauties.


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What a sweet kit! Thank you, Jill. And a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you had an awesome birthday!!!!