CHALLENGES April Big Photo Challenge


Challenge Host - May
Welcome to the Big Photo Challenge. Mary and I will take it in turns to host the Challenge.

This is an easy peasy challenge all you have to do is make a page with a big photo that covers most of the page. By photo I mean an image that is clearly a photo and has not been altered too much. You could alter it to black and white, fade/change the edges etc. but it is still clearly a photo. You can use small artistic stuff like borders and clusters etc. on the rest of the page, but please NOT too much!

Thank you for sticking to the essence of this challenge; which is to use a large photo that covers a big percentage of the page area.

When uploading, please add in your title the name Big Photo. Upload it to the Gallery, then into the Monthly Challenges, choose Big Photo.
I will leave comments in the gallery only.

I noticed that that some ladies would prefer free theme in this challenge. However, the participation in the challenges with themes was very high! For this reason, there is another theme for April.

If you don't like it, you can upload a photo of your choice.

I hope everyone is happy with this.

April theme is: SPRING (Flowers, Blooming Trees, Landscape)

Here's my page.

I look forward to seeing your pictures :-a
What a beautiful, colourful page Esther! Thank you for hosting this challenge. ❤️
Thank you, Esther & Mary ! :)
I tried something different and
hope you like it.:-13