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April Mood Board


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Ahhhh, April!! I love April. I call it my soft fuzzy pastel month. It's the month of waking up, everything new and lovely!! And that is exactly how I created this month's mood board. Soft, fuzzy, pastels!!
Rules of the Mood Board. There are NO rules!!! You go where ever your creativity leads you. But, you must list the three things that inspired you.
The baby duck could be any bird.
The baby rabbit could be any animal.
The flowers could be any flowers.
Just pick three colors if that is what you want.
Pick a texture that you love.
Think outside the box and just have fun with the mood board!!!!
Upload your layout in our gallery under challenges and then link it back here so we can all ooohhhh and aaahhhh over it.

Here is your April mood board.

And here is my layout. I was inspired by the yellow lemons, the flowers, and the purple dresses.


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On the ball you are Nancy! Terrific mood board with lots of interest and the colour pallet........ perfect.


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Nancy, love the April Mood Board and your beautiful sunny page!


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your mood boards are always so interesting ... the hardest part is picking 3 things ... thanks for this on-going challenge, Nancy


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Thanks for the challenge, Nancy! This layout is doing double duty for me this month, as it is also a layout I'm using for a challenge at TDC. But, I love your mood board this month and it all works so perfectly for my page! From your board, I used the yellow and blue, the row of girls in pretty dresses and realistic looking flowers.

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Sue C

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cool challenge .... some of you are so quick ... it's still only April 1 lol


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Great mood board Nancy! Thank you for hosting this challenge.


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The baby, the flowers, and the pink and blue with the clouds. On my page it's the paint [pink and blue] against the bg.
Our power went out yesterday after I UL to the gallery. I didn't get a chance until today to add it here.