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Picture Play

I was looking through the previous challenges and came across this one and thought it would be fun to resurrect it. I don’t know if the person gave an element from the photo to scrap or the whole image but it seems like fun.

So…. I want you to change the photo to something else but keep some of its identity, Extract something from the photo to make your page or change something on it (preferred)

I have made two examples for you to see what I’m getting at…The girl is a plain to see extraction but the kite …. To make it I extracted the dragon’s right wing, the tip & its tail then altered the background of the photo, removing the dragon & text completely then added the kite back into to the photo with an altered girl to make the original photo completely different….If you did something like this that would be amazing to see xxxx : O)

You could also use the image to make a background for a page by adding effects…

Add some word art and items from any kits in your stash to enhance your page & please list what you extracted from / changed within the image.

I have given you a different image to use as I don’t think there is much to use from the one I did but both are in my Dropbox account if you want to use either. They are from Pixabay and here are the image refs for them if you want to check or download direct from the site. 3534518 & 519745

These are the Dropbox links:-

Hope you have fun xxx : 0)

My examples for the 3534518 image:-

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WOW, this looks exciting Debbie. I have to think about this one.

Thank you for hosting yet another thought provoking challenge. 💜
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april picture play.
I hope I did it ok. y English is not so good. So I don't always understand what you mean. I am sorry.
I used both pictures I get another background from pixabay .


Here is my take for Picture Play, I love to create magical scenes just seems to be the way my mind goes, hope it is ok, probably not quite on brief but I did use images and parts there of supplied. I started with a paper from Magical - LouiseL then blended the street art image in then blended another paper from Magical - I extracted the girl and the dragon - blended then extracted part of the street art - blended. Everything else is from Magical - LousieL with one paper blended over everything from Magical Reality Artistic Impressions, I have had this for ages so
I have no other information.