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For an art journal challenge at JustArt. Elements from Crafty Button Designs, Dido Designs, Agnes Biro, Shabby Blogs, Angie Young, ck (?), The Urban Fairy, Lynn Grieveson, an Mommyish.


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Thankyou Robyn, this was something I needed to journal about.
the Craft Cooperative where my husband and I sell our crafts is running out of money and some of the members are determined it is going to work but we cannot afford the new increase in our store rent. The last fortnight sales only covered one week's rent.



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Orkan, c'est vraiment domage de ne pas trouver les pages dans la gallerie de JustArt. Est-ce qu'il pourrait aider si je traduit les instructions en français, c'est à dire un mauvais français.


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Wow Anne-Marie, I hope that huge expression got rid of some of the frustration ... like the hands


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Thanks for the fun challenge, Robyn. I'm not that good at art pages, but enjoyed playing... My granddaughter, after 17yrs. of school and 4 graduations, finally finished last week. She takes her Provincial exam in Sept., and if she passes, she can finally hang her plaque...



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I really don't understand why you would say you're "not really that good at art pages" Lella! This is awesome. What will that plaque say?


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As I was trying to post this running back and forth to the bathroom (!), I realized that while my heart is unsettled so is my body! LOL