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August 2016 Just Art Challenge


Hello!!! Remember me??? I had a horrible July -- a summer cold that turned into more (while on vacation) and, although I've been demanding a do-over, no one is listening to me. SO, I have decided to wipe July 2016 out of my memory banks and move on ... starting with an August Just Art Challenge for you.

I'm hoping this month's challenge will be fun for you, but who knows, I'm still on drugs. I love pages that use a silhouette of the subject as a photo mask. It's sort of like a picture within a picture. I did a quick layout for you to show you what I'm talking about.

You can find a ton of silhouettes on the All-Silhouettes site. While the files are typically vectors, she also includes the custom shapes (.csh) file with most of them. I also found a couple of tutorials for creating silhouettes -- one is on Site Point and the other is on About Tech. If all else fails, message me with a link (if the file only comes as an .AI or .EPS) and I'll convert it for you.

When you're done, please be sure to post your works of art in the CHALLENGE GALLERY and link them back to this thread.



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Jill, forget about July--August will be a better month for you.
This will be a fun challenge using a silhouette as a photo mask and love your sample layout!


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Excellent challenge....THANK YOU Jill. I'm sorry that July was so awful for you.

Here's hoping it's a great August...............


Sue C

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July .. there's a month I'm wishing I could just forget as well .... this is a wonderful challenge Jill ... off to find silhouettes and photos :)


Thanks Robyn. We all have those months we never want to see again ... July just happened to be mine. I'm feeling MUCH better now.

Sue C

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Summer and flowers .. I miss my flowers this year but except for a few in the front which are planted because of the sun they have all gone because of the draught .. we've kept them watered but it's just been too hot for too long