August 2023 GSO

The gallery of Just Art is the best on the whole burns with variety and here are my 2 choices for today!
This one by @Poppy is a real masterpiece...the creativity and layering are beyond gorgeous!
I must have missed this Karen,Thank you so much ...doing my happy :-7:-10:-l💃💃💃:-62:-62
My first vote of Tuesday goes to lm44west for her absolutely amazing Vintage
Fantasy page with a very elegantly dressed Fox Lady strolling through her so
beautifully created neighbourhood. Love everything about it ! 🦊
Congratulations on your well deserved GSO, Mary ! :-62


My 2nd choice for today is a fabulous page by SherryD! Love the superb composition she created with her beautiful photo and color palette! Love the flowers clustering, papers, shapes of template, script and everything!
Gorgeous page by Cheryln! Love the very beautiful scene she created: the cute little girl with a crown and flowers collar, the cluster moon/sun, artsy bits and superb word art.