August Challenge Tracker and a little extra incentive


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Challenge Host - August
1. August Quote Challenge
2. Karen's August Mini Kit Challenge
3. August Template Challenge
4. Finish the Sentence + 1
5. Pick Your Own Palette
6. August Recolor Challenge
7. Cock and Bull Challenge
8. August Clean and Simple Challenge
9. August Mask Challenge
10. Rosie's Mini kit Challenge (host)
11. Mood Board Challenge (host)
12. Bingo Challenge 2
13. Pop Up Word Link Challenge
14. Pop Up Inked Part 1
15. Pop Up Inked Part 2
16 P52 July 28-Aug 3 Sad
17. P52 Aug 4-10 Purple
18. P52 Aug 11-17 Family
19. P52 Aug 18-24 Sister
20. Progressive Scrap Challenge
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1. Finish the Sentence +1
2. Clean and Simple
3. Project 52 - sad, purple, family, sister
4. Quote challenge
5. PYP
6. Template Challenge
7. Rosie's Mini Kit
8. Karen's Mini Kit
9. Mask Challenge
10. Recolor Challenge
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Challenge Host - August
Robyn, thank you.
1. August Quote Challenge
2. Rosie's August Mini Kit Challenge
3. Karen's August Mini Kit Challenge
4. August Mood Board Challenge
5. August Recolor Challenge
6. August Clean and Simple Challenge
7. August Template Challenge
8. August Bingo Challenge
9. August Mask Challenge
10. August Finish Sentence +1
11. August Pick Your Palette
12. August PopUp Inked Part 1
13. P52 July 28-Aug 3 Sad
14. P52 Aug 4-10 Purple
15. P52 Aug 11-17 Family
16. August Cock and Bull
17. August Pop Up Word Link
18. P52 Aug 18-24 Sister
19. August Progressive Scrap
20. August PopUp Inked Part 2
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Challenge Host - August
This is very generous of you Robyn....thank you! x

Finish the Sentence
Karen's Mini kit challenge
Pick your own Palette
Rosie's mini kit challenge
August Mask Challenge
August Template challenge
August Re-colour challenge
Clean & Simple
Bingo Challenge 2
August Mood Board
August Quote challenge
Cock and Bull
Popup Inked
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Clean and Simple
Template from KakleiDesigns
Mini kit from KakleiDesigns
Bingo row B
Mask Challenge
Mood board
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August Recolour Challenge.
August Mood Board Challenge.
August Mask Challenge.
P52 Week 32 : Purple.
August Quote Challenge.
August Template Challenge.
Rosie's August Mini kit Challenge.
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1. Rosie's Mini Challenge
2. Karen's Mini Challenge
3. PYP Challenge
4. Project 52 - Sad
5. Template Challenge
6. Mask Challenge
7. Mood Board Challenge
8. Pop Up Inked Challenge
9. Finish the Sentence Challenge
10. Project 52 - Purple
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Challenge Host - August
Here is me:
Mini kit challenge by Rosie
Recolor challenge
Template challenge
Mini kit by Karen
Mask challenge
Blocks, frames and masks challenge
Simple & clean page
Quote challenge
Finish the Sentence +1
Cock and Bull August
Moodboard August
Bingo challenge
Pick up your palette
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1. Clean and simple
2. August Mask Challenge
3. Bingo challenge 2
4. Rosie's August Mini Kit Challenge
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Thank you Robyn xx

Clean and Simple
Mini-kit by Rosie
Mini-kit by Kakleidesigns
August recolor challenge
August template challenge
Bingo challenge
Mood Board challenge
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Challenge Host - August
1. Rosie's
2 recolour
3 Clean & simple
4 Progressive - ongoing
05 My own (example page) : 0)
06 Happyscrapart mask
07 August template by Kakleid...
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You are really TOO much, Robyn. I'll try this tracker thing

1. Finish the sentence
2. Quote
3. Tats (part 1)
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Challenge Host - August
  1. Mood Board
  2. Progressive Scrap
  3. Mini Kit (Karen's) Challenge
  4. Cock & Bull Challenge
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We have a LOT of challenges this month. If you can make it through them all you have perseverance and dedication in my view!! :)