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August It's Your Choice Challenge

LOL...how about new country? Moving to Brisbane, Australia for the next 3 1/2 years in a month or so. Packing and unpacking? Not my job anymore. With each relo I do less and less. I might point but that's about it! The company my husband got on with is handling the relo so all of our furniture will be put in storage and will just be taking personal items since it's only temporary which they will have to store and transport once we find a place to live. First 30 days will probably be at a hotel while we're looking.


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Jill, thank you for the beautiful Moments kit.
I chose Option C: create a page using both the photo mask and the page blendit

It's an adventure all right...but not one I'd make voluntarily or by choice. My 17 and 18 year old daughters won't be coming...A.because they don't want to move there and B. because the oldest just started her 3rd year of college and the youngest just started her 1st year. Visit once a year...ok....move....no way. They are sharing an apartment (what I've been dealing with the past week....empty nest) which makes me feel better but still....they're my babies. I've been a stay-at-home mom their entire lives...If I could just fast-forward 6 months after the move....


i completely understand your feelings about being so far from your daughters, my daughter has finally returned to the states after being stationed in Okinawa for 5 years. they are still an airplane ride away but at least they are now on the same continent. thank goodness for facetime.


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Grambie, love your happy and beautiful Moments page. I'm not able to help you with a clickable image to the gallery because I don't use Windows 10 and its browser Microsoft Edge. I suggest you ask for help in the forum thread that you followed Robyn's instructions for linking the image.

Also, it will be wonderful if you introduce yourself in the Welcome to Just Art forum where you will receive a warm welcome.


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I love this kit, thank you again Jill. I had to use it, it's perfect for artsy and "Traditional" scrapping. I used the Photo Mask and added quite a bit of journaling to the page, since this particular day was eventful for us. Definitely "A Moment".