Bear with me....


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Hi guys,
I know some of you know me, but wanted to say hi and explain in case you do not know me....
I am not in very good health, most of my time home bound, some mobility issues, heart failure and other conditions that are progressive, including some neurological ones that make reading difficult most of the time, so bear with me if I don't answer straight away.
I love going round the galleries commenting, but my hands and arms are suffering from old injuries and typing is limited, so bear with me, I do get around just a bit slower than I used to be :)
Having said that, my illnesses are most definitely not what identifies me, I'm passionate about arts (was a performer for 30 something years) Turned 64 in September, my pages are about my daughter (gonna be 27 in February) our family and feelings. Scrapping literally saved my life and has given me a wonderful chosen family, some of my sisters and best friends I treasure being here :)
Hope everyone is well and enjoying the season!
Mrs. Peel ~ I am sorry to read about your health difficulties and I can relate, as can a number of us. You are most welcome here, glad you found us, awesome to here that you love art. This is absolutely, hands-down, the best group of diverse ladies ever - anyplace - a world wide support group! We are so lucky to call this little spot another home ♥
Oh My Sister! It's so good to see you here!! I'm a little new here myself, but these wonderful ladies are going to love you as I do and I know you'll love them! Your illnesses definitely DO NOT define you! I think scrapping has saved a lot of us - I know it has me. I can't wait to see your wonderful pages in the gallery and your love sprinkled around this forum. I'm so happy right now to see your post!!! :-l:-49:-62
Cynthia, welcome to Just Art! I'm glad you're here and participating in the forum and gallery. I know you from Tangie Baxter's Art Journal Caravan and from the Lilypad. Your passion for art and ability to express yourself and encouraging words for others define who you are.
Hi welcome.
:-i So glad you could make it ! Just for you I will think of something involving Art journaling for next months challenge:-31 ....

Welcome to our friendly Just Art community Cynthia.

Hi Cynthia, voice from the past.. Good to see you here, I hope you manage to get some scrapping done when you are well enough.
Welcome. Your name rings a bell from long ago at other sites. JA is a magical place where everyone is kind and thoughtful. Join in when you can. Best of the season to you.
Glad you came over too Cynthia. I just recently discovered this wonderful community. Hope you and S had a great Xmas.
Cynthia welcome to Just Art, have fun, don't worry about anything, we all help each other.xx
I remember Cynthia! I hope you are feeling better soon and we get to see some pages with that lovely daughter of yours!
Welcome Cynthia!! I am sorry to hear of your illnesses and praying that your body will heal. You will enjoy the art community here.
@MrsPeel @PachiSusie Hey Cynthia and Susie...yes, like old home week here LOL. I've been popping in too. I've been busy so not much time to hang around but hopefully that will change. Nice to see you both here.
thanks so much for your kind words y'all!!!!
I was unwell again, spent a while without scrapping, but managing a bit better now, will come back to answer properly!!!!! :love:
Haven't talked to you in quite a long while. So sorry to hear about your health problems. Hope you have better days coming.