Big paint blob challenge September.


love a challenging challenge
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Hi here is some fun for September. I love paint,in any form ,and I am sure we all have some in a kit, so here is the challenge :
Take 1 blob of paint (Or make one ) But only 1. Doesn't matter if watercolour or oil or any in between. Make it big, like really big ,and do something with it.
you can make it an element ,you can write in ,or add things to it. clipping stuff is ok too ( thanks Evelyn ) but keep it big. Have fun.
sorry I can not post a page right now because I an on the kindle,
will be back in a few hours....but you can start LOL

better late than never, h​ere are my own pages

ok I seem to have a problem with the other one, I will post it here later...​

yah made it ! ​
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Thanks for hosting the big blob challenge Vivi...............that's something new!



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Vivi, the big paint blob challenge will be fun and creative!


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Thanks for the challenge, Vivi. I created a water-colour blob in Rebella (software) , I then darkened this photo of GD, put the blob behind,created a clipping mask, and changed the blend mode. Papers and elements from G&T Designs.



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Thank you for the challenge Nemla
Made the original picture black and white and used the paint blob to mask the colour picture
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I like very much these superimposing coats and the dominant color! That starts strong!!


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At first a made spot and then a continuation takes the place without really of calculation -