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Black and White + 1 Challenge


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Due to being away on holiday, I'm completely disorganized as far as challenges go, so how about a nice simple black and white challenge?

Your page may only contain black and white (and of course various shades of grey in between) and just ONE other color. There can be various shades of that one color. You may add a touch of greenery if you feel your page needs it.

This page of mine was done quite some time ago for a B & W +1 challenge but just putting it out there again as an example. Please post your pages in the Monthly Challenges gallery HERE.

I look forward to seeing your creative B & W pages!


Sue C

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I love white and black + 1 challenges ... I've done this in quilts and in fabric post cards but never as a scrap page .. should be interesting :) ... Your layout is exquisite and Sally is adorable


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Robyn, Sally is adorable on your beautiful black and white page with the red accent color!


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This is an old layout - red added to fit this challenge. I'll make an original later.

A story told in two photos - these photos so moved me when I found them so long ago, I had to make this layout.


A glimpse at how China's May 2008 earthquake affected the special moment in one bride's life.
She and the wedding party spent the night in a tent at the site. No one from their party was hurt.



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LOL, Robyn....This past week I had been working on this photo from our 50th anniversary - changing it to black white and masking and blending it into a different background. That was before you put this challenge up. So had my photo done just needed to find the right kit/s.
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