Black Friday - good time to buy Affinity products!


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Did you see that Affinity is offering excellent Black Friday deals. 30% off everything in their store until Tuesday.

I'm tempted to buy some software.


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I am always tempted to buy some software 😂 I have the Affinity product I need already though. Now if they would do an Affinity version of Craft Artist I would buy it whether it was on sale or not 💕
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I took advantage of the Affinity Photo sale. I love this software. I can do digital scrapbooking in the software as well, even though I love Craft Artist 2. I also took advantage of the Black Friday sales for Topaz Studio 2 and Luminar 4. I have been following videos from Jim Nix and I am in love with these. I decided on Luminar 4 over Photoshop Elements because I felt it did a better job for my editing needs from watching the videos, and Topaz Studio 2 has awesome effects. I am looking forward to using these.