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Celebration members' kit - details


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Below is the palette which received the most votes in the palette poll. We will be using this palette and the kit name will be Celebration.

I know and understand that not everyone can contribute. Those of you who can, thank you! Those of you who can't, I know that you will enjoy using our 2019 members' kit.


1. Please keep the palette colours in mind and try not to deviate too far from it. You can of course add black and/or white and greenery. Just try and make sure the greenery ties in with the pale green in the palette - i.e. I don't think a yellow green such as lime would really coordinate, so more of a blue green, if possible. If something is really out, I can always adjust the colour, especially as we all have different monitors.

2. For the sake of uniformity, please name your items in a similar manner to this. Robyn_JACelebration_paper01, Robyn_JACelebration_element01, etc. etc.

3. To ensure a minimum/appropriate file size, please trim any blank area around your png. elements.

4. Also when saving your papers, please check the file size by saving at an appropriate quality/file size. Please make the papers 12" x 12" or 3600 x 3600 pixels.

5. If you would like to do a preview of your contribution, that would be appreciated, but it is optional.

6. Please do NOT feel that you have to submit a whole mini kit or similar. If you only submit one paper or one element, it will all be received with appreciation from me. As well as the usual papers, elements, you can also choose to include word art, scribbles, doodles, masks, alphas etc. etc. Templates would also be welcome.......basically just whatever you would like to contribute.

7. Please zip your files into one (or more if necessary) folder. If you have your own private Dropbox or similar, upload to that and PM me a link where I can download. If you don't have such an account, that is not a problem. Just PM me with your email address and I will send you a link/invitation where you can upload directly into my Dropbox (paid account).

8. Closing date for uploading files will be Tuesday 17th December. After that, I will package it all up and send out download links before Christmas.



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Is there a maximum number of elements and papers from each member?


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Thank you Robyn for doing this, a lot of hard work involved in putting this all together and thank you too to all who will participate. So generous of you all to take the time and effort, truly appreciated xx


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I can't believe it! Less than 24 hours since I put this post up and we ALREADY have some lovely contributions. Thank you. ❤

I think this is going to be such a lovely kit!