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Color Challenge "Color your life!


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What do you think about a Color Challenge?
I hope you enjoy it!

This are the colors for the Challenge:

Please s
how us a layout with these colors!
You can also use: black and white, silver and gold.
Please post your pages here in this thread and also in the challenge gallery HERE and link back to this thread.

You can take all your scrapbooking products to create a layout for the challenge!!!
But if you want you can also use this little mini-kit:

Click to Download!

I wish you much pleasure in the challenge and look forward to many participants! :)
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Sue C

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Love the bright and happy colours ... pretty little kit too :) .. will have to tackle this one later next week once I've digested a lot of turkey lol

Elk Fan

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Love color challenges. Thanks for hosting; I'll be back later with a layout. Thanks for the beautiful mini kit.


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Thank you, Gabi! I live your page very much!!

Here is mine...not brand new but one of my favorite pages...



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So wonderful - fits perfectly with the Challenge!
You have wonderful colors selected - pink is totally girlish!


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Been out of town and am way behind. I want to do this challenge, but it might take me a couple more days. Thanks Gabi - great idea.


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Wow! Wow! Wow!
I love the real colorings sooooo much!
You have present your wonderful colored girls sooooo wonderful!!! ♥ ♥ ♥


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ahh Sherry ... I too love to color ... this is so cool and the shadowing is perfect


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Challenge Host - May
Gabi, thank you again for the beautiful Color Your Life kit.



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Wow - I'm sooooooooooo thrilled!
So a beautiful girl - with the cheerful colors she is the pure joie de vivre!
But she looks so gentle and thoughtful!