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Content Aware tool to remove unwanted material from a piece ...

Sue C

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Challenge: use the content aware tool to create a new usable document from a piece that is full ... i.e. like my diary page here ... and then if you want to use it in a page like I did from Sebastian's course go for it :)...https://gallery.justartscrapbooking.com/just-art-challenges/p23516-memories.html

The content aware tool is absolutely awesome .... it's mainly used to move an object from one spot in your image to another and Photoshop intuitively fills in the space but I have found another reason to use it .... to remove lots of 'stuff' that you may not want in a piece ... it does it well in most cases. That is how I created this blank journal page for Sebastian's course challenge. Basically you select a piece of what you want to remove and then move it to another place on the image and then reduce it to a few pixels. Click accept (check mark) and then command/control D to deselect what you don't want which should be very small. If you have a dot or two left over you can touch it up with the spot healing brush. The original area you selected will now be filled in with blank space that matches it's surroundings. There may be a bit of work at the end to make sure it looks just like you want it to and not patchy etc but in this example I didn't even have to do that as it's so grungy anyway. I use it this way for my pieces all the time and it saves me so much time !!!



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This is a tool I often use. It comes in handy quite often.


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I have tried to use it to move / remove something (I forgot about that when I said I've never used it) and I've never gotten it to work ... not once!

Sue C

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The closer your margins to what you want to remove the better .... it leaves more detail for PS to work with. I've never really used it a lot for just simply moving something around but I do use it like I did for the page a lot .... the trick then is to do it in smaller chunks of information rather than all in one piece. It takes practice just like anything in PS .... practice practice practice. I did use it to remove a whole person and shadow from an image of a beach and ocean and it worked so well. I did have to go back and fix the ocean wave a bit and the sand where I had taken out the photo but it still did a great job and shortened my time by at least an hour. The figure was a good part of the image.


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Love this tool..just used it on a photo to remove a tag that was on a stuffed animal I was scrapping...it worked perfectly! I often use tools to be able to use items for journaling as you have shown, too!