Creating your own dreamy background .... using the blur motion filter


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Thank you orkan, for this interesting challenge. I often use this kind of background for scrap pages.

my own fotos

Diane's Art

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Thank you for the challenge Sue. It felt great to use Photoshop again to create my own background paper. Here is my photo and two papers. I don't know why the textured paper looks blurry online. It is sharp in Photoshop. By looking at everyone's submissions I realized that I forgot to combine this into one document before submitting it online. By uploading it this way I now have my limit for the day. Darn! Everyone's papers are beautiful!!!!

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Here's mine. This is fun! Thank you, Sue. :)

And a page created using the background (and some added masks and textures):



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Thank you Sue for another great challenge (&lesson), sorry it's right on the cusp but too many not so good things happening here at the moment....really not liking this year so far!!