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STARTS on Sunday 9th December..just a simple easy one as everyone will be busy with Christmas LOOMING! ♥♥ 🎄 😈


Claim a spot in this thread..Please post your pages in that one spot and hopefully I won't miss any pages..
I will post 5 every 2 days....
Remember: Complete and upload a layout of each stage into the Progressive Scrap Challenge Gallery and to the Forum Thread placing your layout into your claimed spot.
Day1....Sun 9th
Day 2....Tues 11th
Day3....Thurs 13th
Day4...Sat 15th
Day5...Mon 17th


Please start with a very soft pastel background...The colour does not matter as long as it is a Very Pale Shade..
On a new layer add a large circle ( in a Different Plain Pale Colour(NO PATTERN ) ) in the centre of your page leaving approximately 3cms ( 1¼ inches ) from the edges of the page.
You will need to place something behind later


Make 3 delicate rings.....One for the edge of the circle....One for the centre ....and One which is different for just inside the Outer Ring.
Give all 3 rings the same effect and give a very soft shadow to them


A more difficult day....Find a swirl pattern or anything that can be **...Swirls ~~§ OR...Geometrics ♦♦╩╦ ╣ etc. and put them in a uniform way in the space between the rings..IF you need to resize your rings to do this then resize....When they are all even...Group them together and change the colour of your pattern to the colour of your big CIRCLE and give the pattern an embossed finish....make sure the shadowing on the pattern is NOT too dark...experiment...( For Craft Artist users you could try using the Transform in TOOLS....but I did mine without)...IFyou need to change your papers for this you does show up better on a plain paper but try it and see ♥


Add a Subtle Centre Piece with Transparency


Add Highlights to the Centre Piece of your plate...( As you can see it is a Plate now )..the highlights are to look like glazing .....Add some decoration behind the Plate ...and Voilà.......Good enough to eat your dinner from! could make a Dinner Service now :D Hope you have enjoyed it ♥

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Anita, looking forward to the progressive scrap and I'm glad that it will be a "simple easy one".

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5
Anita, I added layer styles to the rings to sharpen the edges of the plate.
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I got our family calendars completed and ordered, so I should be able to participate! Looking forward to it!

Day 1

It will be interesting to see where this is going! Day 2:

Day 3:

Steps 4 & 5: Finally finished! I had an idea of what photo I was going to use when I began the challenge. Anita's FABULOUS instructions changed that, so I changed the background paper for one from the kit I used for the final. Thank you, Anita, for the great progressive!
My parents purchased the nativity set the first year they were married--1959. (Mom added the angel much later.)



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NO participation this month ... for some reason I must be circle challenged ... I've worked on this since Monday, disliked everything I created, and finally trashed them all yesterday ... everyone is doing awesome work and I feel like a DORK ;)
"Progressive Scrap with the VERY talented Anita" ... no pressure there, girl LOL .......

Day 1
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Thank you for hosting the challenge Anita!

day 1

day 2

had to search YouTube to remind myself how to stroke a path with a brush (thanks tutvid)

day 3, now this was fun, I clipped my white paper to the swirls to make it look like the words are running through them.

day 4

day 5

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Great start the background paper ♥