CHALLENGES Decorate a face November challenge


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The ones who participated in the October Mystery challenge and received door number 10, will recognize this challenge.
Here you have 3 different faces already extracted from the backgrounds, without effects or any kind of embellishments.
Your task is to choose one of these (only one and only one of these faces included in the file please) and decorate it the way you like.
It is not only about making a headdress, is about playing with the face, with brushes, elements, papers, just do as wild as you like, think outside the box and have fun.
Once your face is decorated, create a page with your face in it, make it big so it occupies at least half of your page.

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Thank you Karin for the faces challence

I used different kits from Rosie,..earrings from D. Kerkhof and G&T design the skindecorations