Disappearing again


The Wanderer.
I am going to be off grid for a while, limited access, no power to run my puter much. Then I am off to China for two weeks, so I wont be around as much until into November. I will pop in .. in the next week when I can and upload if I can though.


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I hope you have a great time in China Jody. I will look forward to seeing some pics when you get back.


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Have a wonderful time in China Jody look forward to seeing your photos when you return.xxx


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Jody, hope you have safe travels and enjoy all the sights and no doubt take lots of photos!


The Wanderer.
Thanks everyone, I am sure I will have a good time, a little daunting, not sure about the amount of english they will have, but, I am on a tour, and I will be sticking to the tour guide like glue. :confused: