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Doodled Magazine covers challenge ...

Sue C

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Sue, thank you for the fun challenge and for the link to Chris Spooner's blog post and for finding the Flicker links.


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Interesting. Will be out of town for a couple of days soon and am now busy packing...but..I'll be back. Thank you sue. :)


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Oh my gosh - this will be a HUGE challenge for me. I have never done anything like that at ALL!

Sue C

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hahahahaha .. I don't shout !! well, not often lol .... I think you are very brave because you put the first one up :) and it's awesome


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I love this challenge ... clever you ... it could be an on-going one with different themes!

Sue C

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I've done two .. it's too hot to do much of anything else right now .. like move and breathe :) .... these were so much fun .. just to sit down and play

My first:

My second

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Thank you for running with this challenge Sue, I think it's GREAT!!


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Had a lot of fun colouring this cover of Harper's Bazaar. Thanks for the challenge.

("Enter the Era of Elegance" | Linda Evangelista photographed by Patrick Demarchelier for the cover of "Harper's Bazaar" - September, 1992)
credits: HSA create art (paper and colourful elements.
MaryPop art&love (flower)
PO bmv mini (stripes)
quote from the internet.


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this Challenge was very funny ! Thank you!
first I had no idea and then I just started and suddenly I had a hippie-page- oh-oh- - and not as planned with Doodles ......
I hope it's okay- it was a lot of good fun and I could hardly stop me....