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Double exposure-Layering mask-October challenge


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Challenge Host - October

This is a fun challenge to enjoy and try new techniques.
You all heard about double exposure, layering, blending, and the use of masks.
Well in this challenge you need to apply them all.
You need only 2 images (no need for a preview of the images you are going to use),
1 or 2 masks (I am giving you 2 masks for you to use, but you can use your own). You can download it HERE.
So, use one of the images as a background, try to make it fit the whole page (or use a mask to make it look like an overlay),
you can add an overlay, texture, brushes, whatever you want,
then use your 2nd image and one of the masks, and blend it so you can see the background showing in your image, coming through, on part of the whole image, that will create a double exposure look. (You can erase a piece of the top image also)
And then finish your layout as you like, add elements, textures, etc.
Upload to the Miscellaneous category and come back to this thread and share your work,
look my sample below...for guidance
(If you want some professional tutorial on how to create the effect, go here:
I used 2 different kinds and even applied my own, so don't try the double exposure to be perfect, just do your own. )
Hope you enjoy it, I can't wait to see what you create!



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